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Why Franchise With TRANSWORLD

Why Choose Transworld Business Opportunity?

For over four decades, Transworld has been a clear-cut leader in business brokerage and commercial real estate sales. We’ve given business owners a simple solution to all of the questions they may have about sealing a deal. Our team acts as an impartial third party working with both the buyer and seller to come to an agreement that makes sense for both sides. There’s simply no better feeling than finally getting both signatures on paper, and our franchisees find that the entire process is incredibly fulfilling.

What used to be a small firm out of South Florida has now grown quicker than we could have ever imagined. Once we opened up our opportunity for franchise investments, our concept skyrocketed. Today, we operate in over 200 territories and have been recognized year-after-year by highly respected publications within the franchise space. We’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs realize their business ownership dreams by guiding them through our time-tested system and supporting their ongoing progress. Opening a business on your own can be a logistical nightmare and financially unpredictable, but Transworld’s business opportunity makes everything much easier for you.


Our Business Investment Is Backed by Decades of Franchising Experience

Back when we were thinking about ways to expand our business, Ray Titus, CEO of United Franchise Group (UFG), came to us with a great way to grow. He told us all about the ways franchising could benefit us by developing a network of franchise relationships with qualified owners and what we could do to get those franchisees on the path to success. It was a no-brainer. With Ray’s franchising expertise and our business brokerage experience, we were able to grow to The World’s Leading Business Brokerage Franchise in over 16 countries worldwide.

UFG is home to highly-touted franchise brands such as Signarama, Fully Promoted, Experimax, and Venture X, just to name a few. We have learned a lot from the Titus team, such as:

  • Developing marketing strategies that are backed by results
  • How to best support a franchisee as they startup
  • How to continue providing that support through in-depth industry research
  • Building a repeatable business model
  • The importance of training and the discovery process
  • International franchise development

UFG has helped prepare us for the future of our business, and now we can do the same for you. With UFG’s support, Transworld can give our franchisees a leg up on the competition before they even open their doors.

Expanding Your Portfolio

There are many Transworld franchisees with an extensive franchise business portfolio, and Transworld is the perfect supplementary investment. We happily welcome franchisees interested in multi-unit management and have partnered with several Area Developers who own multiple Transworld locations in a given region. Business brokerage is a highly lucrative industry, and we know how to onboard newcomers of varying levels of experience. By taking advantage of our multi-unit management opportunity, you’ll be able to maximize your profit potential by reaching more customers.

There are plenty of benefits to choosing a Transworld franchise business investment. Contact us today to learn more about what it takes to open your own brokerage business.

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