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Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Looking to Buy, Sell or ExpanD

Know Your Client Base Before You Invest

As you conduct your research on investing in a Transworld Business Advisors franchise, an important consideration is who will make up your customer base. Transworld is a business brokerage franchise, so your clients will be entrepreneurs and business owners looking to buy, sell, or expand.

Today’s economic state is conducive to businesses buying and selling at record numbers. Various factors contribute to this, including the recent economic downturn and generational shifts. Frankly, people do not work one job for the duration of their career like they used to, which also has an effect on the number of businesses being bought and sold.

Transworld’s clients can be businesses of all sizes. The local pizza shop that wants to incorporate another business; the real estate pro at retirement age who is looking to profit from the name he built; the daycare owner who is ready to add another location. All of these kinds of business owners can utilize Transworld’s expertise and services.

Transworld franchise team of expert business brokers

Buying a Business

When someone wants to buy a business, using a broker is the best way to ensure that the transition goes smoothly. The following are some examples of the kind of business-buying clients Transworld helps every day:

  • Someone looking to be a small business owner and wants to buy an existing business
  • A business owner looking to expand his or her existing business by adding an additional location
  • A business incorporating a competing business to maximize revenue streams

Any of these clients can use the help of a business broker to transition smoothly, find a fair price, and understand their options.

Selling a Business

A business owner who is looking to sell can benefit from a business broker like the experts at Transworld even more than one looking to buy. The seller can put the sale in the capable hands of their business broker, feeling confident that everything is being done well.

Even more importantly, Transworld’s clients selling their businesses can rest easy knowing that the sales transaction is confidential. This is a huge advantage, as it keeps employees and vendors from getting nervous or worn out during the process. The professional and capable way that Transworld handles business sales gives our clients confidence in the process.

a business owner looking to sell her business
Selling businesses is a huge part of owning a Transworld franchise right now, as the baby boomer generation is reaching retirement age. As the older generation is getting ready to retire, those who own businesses are interested in getting a fair price for their life’s work.

As you are researching owning a Transworld Business Advisors franchise, be sure that you understand who your customers will be. Knowing your customer base helps you to better prepare and serve your clients well.