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The business brokerage industry is thriving now more than ever before as baby boomers who wish to retire sell their businesses and entrepreneurs looking to own their own businesses are able to secure funds, thanks to the recovering economy. Transworld Business Advisors franchisees are able to capitalize on the business brokerage industry, while also realizing revenue from the thriving franchise industry.

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Business Brokerage Is a Growing Franchise Industry

Currently, the Business Brokerage industry is a $1.9 billion industry and is expected to continue growing.

Franchising dominates every industry that gets into it and has continued to create jobs at a faster pace than the rest of the economy for five consecutive years. Transworld Business Advisors franchisees help successful companies break into the franchise industry and help franchisors sell more stores, capitalizing on this steadily growing industry.

Zero Inventory and Low Business Costs

Another attractive aspect of the business brokerage industry is the low business costs associated with operating a zero-inventory company. While the healthy state of the industry increases profit potential, the costs to enter the industry and maintain the business are exceptionally low. Franchisees can expect to pay little for rent, a percentage of sales for royalties, and a monthly fee to maintain the technology and marketing that fuel the business. The costs are much lower than most other types of franchises, while the profit potential is unlimited.

Profit Opportunities

There are plenty of opportunities for profit in the Business Brokerage Industry. If a business owner is looking to sell, the consultant or broker has the advantage that they can list the business confidentially. This allows the existing business to run without interruptions from customers or employees that are wary of the sale, and keeps the value of the business high, which can translate to a larger commission.

This discreet system also benefits buyers, as employees and customers can be wary of new owners, making the deal more difficult. Both buyers and sellers reap the benefits of a system that matches them so well, and a smooth transition and good fit means an easier profit for the broker.

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Transworld Business Advisors

Businesses that decide to franchise will benefit from consulting with Transworld Business Advisors franchisees. The company has years of experience and has developed a proven system for franchising that is extremely helpful when assisting clients in developing their own unique franchise systems and processes.

Entrepreneurs benefit from working with Transworld Business Advisors franchisees because the company works with more than 300 franchise companies, so a vast array of opportunities are presented at the best rates.

If you’d like to learn more about Transworld Business Advisors, we encourage you to contact us today!

Meeting a Growing Need

The need to buy, sell, and franchise businesses is a constant necessity, but is growing in demand like never before. With many professionals having been laid off from jobs, a larger number of entrepreneurs are looking to purchase established businesses that have already shown the ability to generate revenue. Also, with many baby boomers retiring, a high number of business owners are also looking to sell their businesses. This places Transworld in a uniquely advantageous position where our franchises can help both buyers and sellers in a business transaction.

Growing Franchise Demand

The franchise industry is booming, and many entrepreneurs are looking to buy a franchise concept. Transworld Business Advisors also helps franchises find suitable franchisee candidates. With the growing demand for franchises, many business owners are looking to replicate their success through franchising.

Transworld Business Advisors also helps business owners transcribe their processes and model, so they can be replicated in the franchise world.

Help Business Owners Sell in Confidence

One of the most important parts about a business brokerage transaction is confidentiality. Most business owners do not want customers and employees to know that the business is for sale until after the transaction has been completed, sometimes not even then. Many customers will abandon a business when ownership changes, regardless of whether the business itself changes. Employees may also begin searching for other jobs out of fear that the business will not remain stable. When customers and employees leave, it can affect revenues and stability.

Business owners can call Transworld Business Advisors and associates will help to meet the needs of the business owner by finding a buyer whose interests are aligned with those needs. Transworld Business Advisors helps business owners to sell without ever having to put a “for sale” sign up or worry about how the sale will affect the way the business runs. This confidential process helps new business owners to transition seamlessly into the ownership position.