Why Transworld

Transworld Business Advisors is a Proven Business.

Why Transworld

Transworld Business Advisors takes pride in being a world leader in the commercial brokerage business. Every year that the company has been franchising it has been ranked number one in the business brokerage industry in the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 listing. Transworld Business Advisors offers franchisees a turnkey opportunity that has a high profit potential and is easy to start and easy to run. The franchise is backed by United Franchise Group, so there is a core network of strength that franchisees can tap into at any time.

Low Cost Investment

Transworld Business Advisors is a relatively low cost franchise opportunity, with a low franchise fee of $49,500 and no inventory or equipment to purchase and maintain. The business can also be run by a single owner, if desired, virtually eliminating the costs associated with staffing and payroll.

Quality of Life Business

Franchisees create their own work schedules and can work from any location that they desire. The business is run mainly using online communication tools and a telephone, so franchisees have flexibility in where, when, and how they work. This allows franchisees to put family first and fulfill outside obligations easily while effectively running a Transworld Business Advisors franchise.

High Profit Potential

Transworld Business Advisors has a unique business model that combines franchise consulting, business brokerage, and franchise development. Transworld Business Advisors works with about 300 different franchise concepts. Transworld franchisees help to match up entrepreneurs that are looking to purchase a franchise with a company that meets their interests, backgrounds, and investment levels. If the match is successful, the franchisor pays a referral fee.

As a business brokerage company, Transworld Business Advisors works with both buyers and sellers of businesses, working to find an ideal match for every client. Transworld Business Advisors takes pride in offering franchisees the ability to use a database that helps to keep business sales confidential, which helps to keep the selling process from affecting the existing business. For business owners that wish to expand instead of sell, Transworld Business Advisors helps to develop a franchise concept. For each successful franchise development, Transworld franchisees are paid $20,000.

Strong Supportive Network

Transworld Business Advisors franchisees have access to a strong support network, in addition to the resources that are provided to operate the business. With over 20 years of operational experience, Transworld Business Advisors staff and franchisees offer a wealth of knowledge and successful concepts to draw from. That, paired with United Franchise Group’s 30+ years of franchising expertise, means that Transworld Business Advisors franchisees are never alone.