Transworld is Looking for Master Licensees & Area Developers

The Transworld opportunity is too great to be limited to a single location. Our services are in high demand, so there’s no good reason to stifle your growth. Some franchisees choose to unlock even more revenue streams by becoming an Area Developer or Master Licensee.
Transworld franchise business broker
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Why Should You Increase the Scope of Your Franchise Investment?

Investing in multiple Transworld franchises means you’ll work with customers from a larger area. This comes with lots of perks, including:

  • Greatly increasing your customer base and multiplying your potential profits
  • Maximizing the results of your marketing spend
  • Fully leveraging the time you’ve spent mastering our business model

This is a great opportunity not just for all of the reasons we’ve mentioned, but also because Transworld offers significant discounts on franchise fees for investors who open two or more locations. You’ll save considerably on the initial investment in your new locations.

Transworld stands out among other franchises because of the low cost to entry and the outstanding franchisor support we provide. Qualities like these have made us especially popular with newcomers to franchising and experienced investors alike. When you become an Area Developer or Master Licensee, you’ll generate new revenue streams by capitalizing on that popularity.

Area Developer Positions Available

Area Developers facilitate the opening of multiple Transworld franchises in a given region, such as a state or metro area. Unlike multi-unit franchisees, Area Developers don’t need to open all of these franchises themselves. Instead, they’ll seek out qualified prospective franchisees to invest in their own locations. Together, you’ll get numerous Transworld franchises up and running throughout your assigned area. One of the best reasons to become an Area Developer is that you’ll find exclusive opportunities for recurring revenue. Area Developers don’t just reap the rewards of their own Transworld franchises; they unlock recurring revenue from the franchises they help to sell. If this sounds like the opportunity for you, contact us to learn more about what goes into an Area Developer agreement.
Transworld business advisors
Transworld business advisors

Master Licensee Positions Available

Business brokerage services aren’t just in demand in the U.S. – businesses are bought and sold every day. So why limit your investment? If you’re interested in investing in Transworld outside the U.S., we’ll do some demographic research on the country you’re interested in to see if there’s strong potential for franchisees in the area. If there is, we’ll walk you through the process of setting up the region’s first location. Transworld, and our associates at United Franchise Group, have years of experience with international franchising, and we can help you slash through red tape for a simplified process. Once you’ve established your franchise, you’ll help sell other locations throughout the area. Like Area Developers, Master Licensees enjoy recurring income from selling franchises and from ongoing royalties. We’ll go over the details when we set up your Master Licensee agreement.

Interested in becoming a multi-unit franchisee, Area Developer, or Master Licensee? Contact us today for more information!


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