Posted on July 12th 2017

business broker

Although working in a traditional office space is becoming less and less common, many businesses still haven’t embraced the changing trends in the workforce. Everything is going digital, and Transworld is assisting the movement. Becoming a business broker and owning a Transworld franchise does not necessarily mean having a store in order to be successful. […]

Posted on July 5th 2017

business brokerage industry

The business brokerage industry is booming now more than ever, and it is a good time to consider investing. Here at Transworld, we help our business brokers corner a section of the market to make sure they have everything they need to start out right. However, not everybody has what it takes to be a […]

Posted on June 28th 2017


As more and more businesses begin franchising, it can become difficult to market and grow. Luckily, franchising consultants work to ensure franchise growth and development. Many franchise consultant firms are beginning to pop up all over the world and there is a big reason for it. Franchises like Transworld have cornered a niche in the […]

Posted on June 20th 2017


A franchise consultant is someone who helps a potential franchisee open a new franchise, or a franchisor expand their business. Sometimes it can be a very time-consuming job, depending on the client. For example, the franchise consultant for someplace like Pizza Hut will probably make more than the H&R franchise consultant. This is based on […]

Posted on June 12th 2017


One of the most common questions we’re asked by potential franchisees is what they’ll need to do about licensing – in other words, how to get your business broker license. In short, the answer is pretty simple: You don’t. There isn’t actually such a thing as a “broker license.” But there are, however, different ways […]

Posted on June 5th 2017

what is a business broker

What Is a Business Broker? A business broker is essentially a mediator for business deals. When it comes to brokering businesses, there’s a bit of nuance involved to help both parties. Business brokers are the middle ground between business owners looking to sell their business and eager entrepreneurs looking to buy. This process isn’t typically […]