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Transworld franchisees play an instrumental part in helping business owners and prospective franchisees connect. In your role as franchise consultant, you will offer guidance, advice, and solutions to your clients who are looking to buy, grow, or sell their business. The great thing about being a Transworld franchisee is that there are many opportunities to earn money. We operate on a multiple revenue stream model, which allows you to make a profit in many different areas of the business. Franchising is a $4 trillion industry, with more and more people each day looking to either buy or sell a franchise. The versatility of our business, and of the services provided by franchise consultants, is conducive to making money through a range of verticals.

Business Brokerage

Transworld franchise consultants are highly instrumental in connecting new franchisees with existing franchisees looking to sell their business. We target a wide range of businesses, worth anywhere between $50,000-$50,000,000, and franchise consultants take 10-12% commission per sale. We pride ourselves on being well-equipped to solve the challenge many business owners face: the difficulty of selling their business while staying simultaneously involved in day-to-day operations. Being able to assist both sellers and buyers during this transitional period, facilitating connections and lucrative sales, is one of the best ways to achieve success as a Transworld franchise consultant.

Franchise Consulting

One of our greatest assets as franchise consultants is our comprehensive listing of nearly 200 franchising opportunities, across a variety of industries and investment ranges. Regardless of whether the client is looking to buy or sell a business, we give you the tools you need to function as a great resource for them during the process. Franchise consultants are expertly trained to match their clients with the perfect opportunity.

Franchise Development Services

Many franchise owners aren’t interested in selling their franchise, but in expanding their existing business, and we’re here to help. The process of multiplying a client’s number of franchise locations, and seeking out the best sites for maximum exposure, are a specialty of our franchise consultants. We’ve assisted hundreds of successful entrepreneurs duplicate their business concepts. This is made easier with the help of our experienced support team and global network. who ensure a smooth expansion process for the client.

If you’re excited by the prospect of earning through multiple revenue streams, and are motivated to help connect business buyers and sellers, request more info to learn all about the opportunity, or get in touch with a phone call.

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