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If you’re thinking of starting a new career, why not open your own Transworld franchise? The business brokerage industry is booming, and more and more people find themselves in need of the brokerage and franchising services we offer. Read on to see why now is a better time than ever to get in on the action. 

Business Brokers are in High Demand

The demand for business brokers has grown in recent years. IBISWorld attributes the growth in the business brokerage industry to increased access to credit and a larger number of businesses in the economy. As a result, Transworld operates within a billion-dollar industry that’s been steadily growing at nearly 3% per year. 

As business owners look to retire or move on to other ventures, they need to discreetly find buyers who are qualified to purchase their business. At the same time, they need to be careful of protecting sensitive information about their business – they don’t want to alarm employees or upset customers by letting the word get out that they’re selling. Transworld franchise owners help by discreetly connecting buyers and sellers. This important line of service establishes our franchisees as pillars of their local business communities. 

Transworld Franchise Owners Enjoy Multiple Streams of Revenue

Every business owner knows that offering multiple revenue streams is a great way to keep your establishment in high demand with a larger amount of customers. In addition to business brokerage, our franchisees also offer franchise consulting services. While they are franchisees themselves, they’re able to help their local business owners assess if franchising is right for them. They can help with the development of materials and resources, such as franchise disclosure documents. Furthermore, they’re able to help connect franchisors with franchisees. All of these services are in high demand today, as the franchising industry is also set to continue growing. If you’re looking to start a new business, opting to partner with a brand like Transworld is a great way to capture multiple revenue streams.

We Can Show You the Ropes

You might recognize that opening a Transworld franchise is a great opportunity, but wonder if you’re qualified to take advantage of it. The great part about partnering with Transworld is that we’ve developed an incredible training program that’s designed to get just about everyone up to speed on how to run a business brokerage franchise. 

While some business brokers spend years in college attaining costly business degrees, we believe that our business model is simple enough that we can teach franchisees to master in much more quickly. Through a combination of at-home and in-person training, you’ll learn how to manage confidential information, connect buyers and sellers discreetly, and more. By the time your location opens its doors, you should feel confident and ready to get started. 

Ready to break into the business brokerage industry? Don’t wait! Contact Transworld today to get started.