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Why Invest in a Franchise in New York?

Are you looking for a franchise opportunity in New York City? Do you want to put your managerial and business skills to good use, all while furthering your own goals? Look no further than Transworld, a one of a kind commercial real estate franchise. We are seeking someone like you to open our newest franchise in New York. This city’s vibrant economy and amazing business resources set it apart as an ideal location for a franchise to flourish. Keep reading to learn how you can take Transworld’s turnkey business model and make it great by opening a franchise in New York.

New York City, New York

Robust Economy

New York City is the financial capital of the world, but as far as the economy goes, it has more going for it than just Wall Street. Indeed, a key factor in economic success is diversity, and New York is one of the most diverse cities in the world. Its five unique boroughs all contribute something unique to the city, so wherever you choose to open your franchise, you will find something unique.

In addition, New York has been named #55 on Forbes’ list of the two-hundred cities in the United States for job growth, as it has added thousands upon thousands of jobs since 2009. Another key factor is education, which New Yorkers have in droves. The city was #30 on a similar list published by Forbes for the most educated cities in the nation. This highly educated population has a double benefit for an owner of a New York franchise: your labor pool is likely to be well-qualified and your customer base will be large and well-educated. If you can rely on your employees, your most expensive and important investment, and attract the right customers, your franchise is sure to prosper.

Small Business Development Center

Because New York prides itself on diversity, the city does not neglect business diversity. Indeed, just like the city takes care to provide Wall Street with what it needs to succeed, it also provides resources for small franchises and startups to thrive.

The New York Small Business Development Center, or SBDC, is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping small businesses get the help they need to get started. The SBDC provides business counseling, help defining business plans, assistance discovering funding and navigating licensing requirements in the city, and so much more. The SBDC boasts that it has helped nearly 16,000 small businesses get started and invest $166.5 million, thereby saving or creating thousands of jobs. As a New York City franchise owner, you can take advantage of these resources to get your business on the right path immediately.

New York is often called the capital of the world because it is responsible for setting financial and cultural trends. We could go on for pages about the restaurants, artistic performances, museums, cultural attractions, and historic sites in the city. When you own a franchise in New York, you get to benefit from all the wonderful and vibrant things the city has to offer, all while living your dream of owning your own business. Click this LINK to find out how to get started on opening a Transworld franchise in New York City.