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Invest in the Best in the Business

Transworld is excited to offer the opportunity to own one of our exciting, turnkey franchises in Logan, Utah! Transworld is the most established franchise in the commercial real estate industry, and our proven business model is perfect for someone with a little bit of business savvy and a lot of ambition for success. Logan is an ideal city for a Transworld franchise because of its robust economy and high growth. Keep reading to find out why Transworld is a great match for Logan!

Logan, Utah

Vibrant Economy

When the respected business magazine, Forbes, set out to find the Best Small Places for Business and Careers, Logan, Utah surprised everyone by landing number eight on the list. There are so many positive pieces of Logan’s economy that it’s difficult to know where to begin.

Logan is toward the top of the list for cost of doing business, and its cost of living is over 10% below the national average. Logan is also one of the top cities for job growth according to Forbes, and its unemployment rate is a miniscule 2.8%, compared with the national rate hovering around 6% post-recession. Although the population of the entire Logan area is just over 130,000, the people living there are well-employed, well-educated, and well-off.

Utah State University

One major contributor to Logan’s economy is Utah State University, one of Utah’s major public universities. Utah State is the biggest employer in the Logan area, with 823 faculty members, 1,561 full- and part-time support staff members, and over 1,100 opportunities for student employment. The 400 acre campus sits at the top of Logan and offers 168 undergraduate degrees in every field of study from Calculus to German to Geology. The university boasts a well-educated staff, with 76% of the faculty holding doctorate degrees in their fields. Utah State brings students and researchers from all over the world, making Logan’s population more diverse than is typical in a town of its size. Indeed, Utah State is an asset to the community in every way, even down to community events such as plays, art exhibits, and sporting events.

With everything Logan has to offer, investing in Transworld is a no brainer. The diverse, highly educated population of Logan coupled with its strong economy make it an amazing city to live and work in. At Transworld, we want only the best for our franchisees and clients, which is why we want to have a franchise in Logan. If you’re ready to make the investment in your future, click this LINK to find out how to open a Transworld franchise right away.