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Widespread uncertainty across the technology industry in 2022 resulted in nearly 1,000 tech companies conducting major layoffs that affected more than 150,000 workers. If you’re among those looking for a new career path, why not consider becoming a franchise advisor with Transworld Business Advisors as your next move?

Many of the skills required to work in the tech industry carry over into franchising. Take, for example, your ability to focus on processes and logical next steps: this makes you an ideal candidate for franchising. Owning a franchise allows you to transfer your innate skills into a completely new professional career.

When you franchise with Transworld, you can rest assured we’ll provide you with the backing, training, and resources of a leading franchisor. While some business brokerage firms require expensive degrees in business and business administration, we’ve found franchisees with experience working with and understanding people a more valuable tool.

Plus, with only one business broker for about every 1,850 businesses, there’s a great demand and plenty of opportunity for Transworld franchisees!

How it Works

To understand what a Transworld franchisee does, first, you have to understand why our business model works.

When business owners decide they’d like to sell their business, they expect to get top dollar for their company as compensation for their hard work and determination. On the other hand, entrepreneurs looking to buy a business want the best deal, spending as little as possible to acquire the company to turn a quick profit. While neither party is wrong, the situation can create an immediate disconnect.

Business brokers work to strike a deal that meets both parties’ requirements, keeping both sides happy at the bargaining table

Why Our Business Model Will Work for You

Transworld features a unique business model that helps position us as a world leader in the commercial business brokerage industry. We’re consistently recognized for our franchise opportunity, having received prestigious acknowledgment from Entrepreneur Magazine year after year.

Our franchise consultant business model was developed with high-profit potential in mind. By combining four revenue streams – franchise consulting, franchise development, business brokerage, and mergers and acquisitions – to quadruple your potential profits, we’ll help you see an immediate return on your investment.

Here are some ways our business model will work for you:

  • You can work from anywhere and you won’t be stuck behind a desk all day
  • You’ll receive incentives from referrals
  • You’ll have the potential for high profits due to both clients and referrals
  • You’ll never be alone as we provide ongoing support for the life of your business

A Transworld Franchise Sets You Up for Success

With franchising expected to trend upward at a phenomenal rate, it’s a great time to invest in a Transworld franchise. Our easy-to-follow and profitable franchise model and system lets you hit the ground running.

How does Transworld set our franchisees up for success?

  • We’re a low-cost investment. As one of the most affordable franchising opportunities, our franchise broker opportunity has a low start-up fee and doesn’t require inventory or equipment. Since our business can be run by a single owner, you’ll virtually eliminate the costs associated with staffing and payroll.
  • Your profit potential is unlimited. Our franchisees enjoy limitless earnings, thanks to our proven business model and multiple revenue streams.
  • We provide franchisee quality of life. When you become a franchisee, you can create your own schedule while working whenever and wherever you want. Our business is mainly run using online communication tools and a phone, so you’ll have greater flexibility over the 9-to-5 office model.
  • We don’t require previous experience. At Transworld, we don’t require business brokerage experience or expensive business degrees.

We’re More Than Just a Job

Business brokers enjoy a great career perspective as an exciting and rewarding profession. Many say that the excitement of getting a deal on the table and having both the buyer and seller sign off on it is almost better than collecting their franchise broker salary! When you franchise with Transworld, you can be a part of that thrilling moment!

Our franchisees pride themselves on teaching clients how to prepare their businesses for sale, teaching sellers about the sales process, helping both buyers and sellers know the value of a business, and teaching sellers how to confidentially market the sale of their business.

Working as a business broker makes you more than just an advisor; you become a trusted member of your small business community. Our services are crucial to completing business transactions by providing clients with guidance, solutions, and advice as they grow, buy, or sell their businesses.

If you’re ready to pivot to a new career path, start the process to become a franchise advisor with Transworld!

Curious to learn more information about our Transworld Business franchise and why you should consider becoming a franchise consultant with us? Contact us today!