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Over 40 Years in Business Consulting, and Other Advantages

With over 40 years of experience selling businesses and commercial real estate, Transworld Business Advisors has built an industry reputation as the leading business brokerage firm specializing in franchises. We’re a crucial part of the small business community by providing franchise consulting, franchise development, business brokerage services, and mergers and acquisitions transactions. Our team helps clients achieve their growth, expansion, and market recognition goals.

A Symbiotic Relationship for Success

Transworld Business Advisors features many industry advantages that greatly benefit our clients. For starters, our partnership with United Franchise Group (UFG) provides us with many resources that can’t be found elsewhere. Our unique business model, proprietary software, and engaging podcast puts us ahead of the competition, and sets our franchisees up for growth and success.

By partnering with UFG, Transworld Business Advisors franchisees greatly benefit from our combined knowledge and industry expertise. UFG is led by Founder and CEO Ray Titus, who imparts more than 35 years of franchise industry experience with unprecedented leadership and solid business opportunities. With over 1,400 locations in more than 60 countries, UFG is a leader in franchise development services.

UFG has built a strong reputation as an industry leader. They’re the experts at developing franchise strategies, business models, and useful resources that set their opportunities apart and above the competition.

UFG is consistently recognized as a global leader for entrepreneurs, and with their ability to refine processes, franchisees of any of their 11 brands greatly benefit from turnkey, efficient business models. Our symbiotic relationship with UFG gives us an edge over the competition because we work with their brands as well.

Low-Cost Business Model with High Profit Potential

Since aligning with UFG, Transworld Business Advisors has piloted a unique business model that allows our franchisees to soar to new heights while propelling our company forward. Our time-tested business model features a multichannel approach to provide our clients with all of the services they need in one place, while providing our franchisees with multiple revenue streams.

The effective business model we employ provides our clients with business brokerage services, franchise consulting, franchise development, and mergers and acquisitions transactions. While they are each unique industries, there is overlap and synergy between them, making Transworld Business Advisors a one-stop shop for all small business needs:

  • In the business brokerage segment, franchisees take the role of an impartial third party for the buyer, seller, or both sides of the transaction to coordinate the sale.
  • The franchise consulting segment allows franchisees to assist clients who are looking to purchase a new franchise, and with the franchise development sector, franchisees assist clients who are looking to grow by turning their business into a franchise concept.
  • For mergers and acquisitions, we have a team of experts who ensure these transactions are smooth and successful.

Technology to Hit the Ground Running

As a franchisee, you become a trusted advisor who provides an array of quality services. Transworld Business Advisors franchisees are able to successfully provide these services by utilizing our proprietary software. This effective software allows franchisees to discreetly list businesses that are for sale, see available listings from our network, find buyers who are interested in purchasing the ideal business, and provide owners with superior assistance in franchising their concepts. We take pride in being able to provide smooth transitions between ownership, and we’re able to accomplish this by keeping listings confidential.

Business Advice in Modern Times

Transworld Business Advisors also sets ourselves apart with our podcast. The Deal Board is a weekly program where we provide our listeners with insider knowledge, lessons learned, and tips from successful entrepreneurs. We help our listeners understand the process behind buying and selling a business, in an approachable, conversational presentation while enriching their journey as an entrepreneur.

With all of our industry advantages and eyes set on the future, there’s never been a better time to join the world leader in business brokerage: Transworld Business Advisors