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According to Franchise Business Review, Transworld Business Advisors ranked in the top 10 franchises in 2022 for franchisee satisfaction. Transworld offers unmatched training, support, and opportunities to business broker franchise owners.

Transworld is a leading business brokerage firm serving business owners across various industries – from restaurants to manufacturing to professional services. Our business brokers facilitate the sale of small to mid-sized businesses, helping sellers get the best price and buyers find the ideal acquisition.

With a Transworld franchise, you can build a lucrative career negotiating deals, networking with business owners in your community, and learning the ins and outs of valuation with the backing of a trusted and reputable brand. Discover why now is the time to invest in a business brokerage franchise with the industry leader.

Overview of Transworld Business Advisors- The World’s Largest Brokerage Franchise

Transworld Business Advisors is the world’s largest business brokerage franchise, with over 200 offices worldwide. Founded in 1979, Transworld has an impressive 40+ year history of facilitating successful business sales. Their mission is to enable entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams of business ownership by helping them confidently buy and sell established companies.

Transworld operates based on the core values of integrity, professionalism, responsiveness, and results. They are focused on providing an exceptional level of service to both buyers and sellers of small and mid-sized businesses. Transworld brokers have the knowledge and expertise to guide clients through every step of the process, from business valuation and marketing to negotiation and transaction closure. With decades of experience, Transworld has developed proven systems and methods to complete deals smoothly and efficiently.

At Transworld, they believe that buying or selling a business should be an exciting endeavor, not an intimidating one. Their dedicated team of professionals offers the guidance and support entrepreneurs need to achieve their goals and establish lasting legacies through business ownership. Transworld provides the roadmap for business buyers and sellers to navigate transactions with greater certainty, less risk, and more success.

The Incredible Industry Variety You Can Support

One of the most exciting aspects of becoming a Transworld business broker is the vast range of industries you will have the opportunity to work in. As a broker, no two days will ever look the same, thanks to the incredible variety of businesses that use Transworld’s services.

Some of the top industries that Transworld brokers support include:

  • Restaurant Franchises: Help franchise owners buy and sell established restaurant franchises like McDonald’s, Subway, Wendy’s, and countless others. The restaurant industry continues to grow and evolve, providing no shortage of opportunities.
  • Automotive Businesses: Assist with the buying and selling of automotive businesses like repair shops, dealerships, parts stores, and more. Given how integral vehicles are to society, automotive companies are always in demand.
  • Retail Stores: Support retail store owners looking to buy or sell clothing boutiques, gift shops, hardware stores, salons, and endless other retail concepts. The broad category of retail encompasses numerous niche industries.
  • Manufacturing & Distribution: Connect buyers and sellers of manufacturing, wholesale, and distribution businesses. Products that need making and distributing provide a steady stream of clients.
  • B2B Services: Help service-based businesses in IT, marketing, business consulting, staffing, logistics, and more. B2B services thrive as other companies grow and have needs to fill.
  • Healthcare Services: Support transactions in the fast-growing healthcare industry, including private practices, dental offices, clinics, pharmacies, and other medical businesses. As healthcare evolves, new opportunities arise.

The list includes industries like hospitality, construction, transportation, entertainment, financial services, and more. Transworld works with business owners across *hundreds* of categories, ensuring you will always have new ground to cover. The incredible variety is what makes the job exciting and rewarding.

Why Franchise Ownership?

Owning your franchise has many advantages that make it an appealing business model, especially owning a Transworld franchise. Here are some of the critical benefits of franchise ownership to consider:


One of the best parts of owning your franchise is that you get to be your boss. You will have the freedom and flexibility to run your business however you want, without answering higher corporate authorities like in a traditional job. With a Transworld franchise, you get guidance and support from the franchisor while maintaining control over your regional business. This independence allows you to build the company you want.


You will also get to step into a leadership role as a franchise owner. You will be responsible for making important business decisions, guiding your team, and motivating those around you. Leadership capabilities are vital for success in franchise ownership. With a Transworld franchise, you will be supported with leadership training to help you lead effectively.


Owning a franchise allows you to build a business that you can eventually pass down to your family or sell for a profit. It becomes a legacy asset that provides ongoing income and equity. With a Transworld franchise, you get the satisfaction of building something that can continue past your involvement in the business. The brand recognition and proven business model provide value that makes a Transworld franchise appealing as a legacy investment.

Why Transworld Business Advisors is the Right Brokerage Franchise for Your Next Business Venture

Transworld Business Advisors provides exceptional training, support, networking opportunities, and decades of experience to help franchisees thrive as business brokers. Here are some of the key reasons to choose Transworld:

Unmatched Training

Transworld offers an extensive training program to prepare new franchisees for success. The training covers all aspects of business brokering, including lead generation, valuation, marketing, negotiations, and closing deals. New brokers receive hands-on coaching and mentorship to hone their skills.

Ongoing Support

Even after initial training, Transworld provides ongoing support to franchisees. An entire team is available to answer questions, provide guidance, and help brokers continue improving their skills. Transworld also holds regular advanced training sessions and an annual conference to keep brokers up to date.

Expansive Network

With over 200 franchisees across North America, Transworld provides an unparalleled network. Franchisees can tap into the knowledge, connections, and opportunities across the system. There is a true spirit of collaboration, with brokers supporting each other’s success.

Decades of Experience

With over three decades in business, Transworld offers expertise that only comes with time. The company has refined its systems and processes to identify best practices. Franchisees can leverage this collective wisdom to avoid pitfalls and accelerate their growth. Transworld knows what works in the industry.

The combination of training, support, networking, and experience makes Transworld an ideal choice for those looking to become successful business brokers. Franchisees have all the tools they need to thrive.

The Role of a Transworld Business Broker

As a Transworld business broker, you get the opportunity to build a business, helping others buy and sell businesses. It is an advantageous career path.

Some of your day-to-day responsibilities as a Transworld broker include:

  • – Meeting with potential buyers to understand their goals, financing capabilities, and criteria for finding the right business opportunity. You will provide listings and information to introduce them to businesses that suit their needs.
  • – Meet with potential sellers to discuss their motivations for selling, get details on their business operations, and assess the valuation of their company. You will provide advice and help them prepare the business for sale.
  • – Marketing businesses for sale through online listings, digital and print advertising, direct promotion to your buyer network, and other strategies to generate interest.
  • – Facilitating discussions, negotiations, due diligence processes, and paperwork between buyers and sellers. You will guide both parties through the transaction process leading up to closing.
  • – Providing consulting and advice to buyers and sellers, drawing on your business acumen, market knowledge, and negotiation expertise to enable mutually beneficial deals.

To excel as a Transworld broker, you will need skills like:

  • – Sales abilities – developing relationships with clients and persuading them to list or buy through you.
  • – Communication skills – active listening, questioning, presenting information, writing, etc.
  • – Problem-solving – finding solutions to challenges that arise before, during, or after transactions.
  • – Negotiation talents – mediating deals between buyers and sellers.
  • – Business valuation expertise – accurately pricing businesses for sale.
  • – Marketing knowledge – promoting listings through diverse tactics.
  • – Industry knowledge – understanding trends across many sectors to best match buyers and sellers.
  • – Ethical standards – ensuring fair transparency in all deals.
  • – Time management and organization – juggle multiple transaction processes simultaneously.

As you can see, business brokers play a multifaceted role requiring diverse capabilities. With Transworld’s training, mentorship, and resources, you will gain the expertise to facilitate deals, advocate for your clients, and grow a lucrative brokerage firm.

Getting Started

Are you interested in becoming a Transworld business broker? Here is what you need to know to get started:

Steps to Become a Broker

The process of becoming a Transworld broker involves five key steps:

  1. Submit your application and invest in the franchise. The total investment to become a Transworld franchisee is about $85,000.00, which includes the franchise fee. This covers your training, materials, and ongoing support from Transworld.
  2. Complete your training. Transworld provides comprehensive classroom style and field training to prepare you for success as a business broker. This involves two weeks of classroom instruction at Transworld’s headquarters and field training shadowing experienced brokers.
  3. Pass the licensing exam if your state requires it. You will need to pass the real estate exam to become a licensed business broker in your state. Transworld’s training helps prepare you for this licensing test. Many states do not require you to have a license.
  4. Begin operating your brokerage. Once licensed, you will begin brokering deals under Transworld’s umbrella. Transworld provides back-office support, tools, network, and brand to get your brokerage up and running.
  5. Leverage ongoing support. Even after opening your brokerage, you will continue leveraging Transworld’s corporate support, technology, training resources, and network of top producers. This provides immense value as an entrepreneur.

Why Now is the Time to Become a Transworld Business Broker

The market conditions make right now an ideal time to take advantage of the opportunities in business brokerage and become a Transworld franchise owner. There is strong demand from business owners looking to sell or buy a business but a limited supply of qualified, experienced brokers. This creates favorable conditions for those looking to break into the industry.

Some key reasons why now is the right time:

Business sales rebounding to pre-recession levels – After declining during the 2008-2010 recession, the number of businesses sold has regained strength across the U.S. The BizBuySell Insight Report shows a steady increase in sales from 2011 to the present. This upward momentum is projected to continue.

  • Baby boomer business owners heading to retirement With 10,000 baby boomers retiring daily, many business owners are looking to sell and move into retirement. This is feeding the supply of businesses for sale.
  • Buyers eager to purchase: Despite economic uncertainty, buyers remain willing to buy businesses across various industries. Securing financing is accessible with solid demand and low-interest rates.
  • Low startup costs: Compared to other popular franchises, the Transworld franchise startup costs are reasonable, $85,000. This makes entry accessible for many prospective business owners.
  • Recession-resilient industry: The ability to support business sales makes the brokerage field more recession-resilient than many other industries. Business brokers were able to operate successfully even during the last significant downturn.
  • Training and support: Transworld offers an extensive training program and ongoing support to set franchise owners up for success. You do not need prior experience to excel with proper training.

With strong market demand, limited downside risk, and comprehensive franchise support, now is an opportune time to become a business broker with Transworld. The pieces are in place for aspiring entrepreneurs to succeed in this growing field.

As discussed, becoming a Transworld Business Advisors franchisee opens the door to supporting many industries and business types. With over two decades of experience and market leadership in business brokerage, Transworld provides the training, support, and systems to help franchisees succeed.

Whether your background is in healthcare, automotive, retail, hospitality, or professional services, you can leverage your industry knowledge while diversifying into other sectors as a Transworld business broker. The opportunities to help business owners maximize their exit value are endless.

With an aging business owner population nearing retirement, the market timing to join Transworld could not be better. Achieving the benefits of business ownership while avoiding the risks and costs of an independent startup, Transworld offers the ideal franchise opportunity.

If you are ready to transition into a rewarding new career helping others realize their dreams, fill out the form on our website today, and schedule a call with a franchise specialist to learn more and get started on the path to success.