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Why Invest in a San Diego Franchise?

Transworld is excited to announce that we are looking for someone to open our newest franchise in San Diego, California! San Diego is an ideal place for a commercial real estate franchise because of its favorable economy. Additionally, the city works to be a welcoming place for businesses with both city government and private organizations providing aid to small business owners. Keep reading for more details about why opening a franchise in San Diego is a great business choice.

San Diego, Franchise

Stable Economic Conditions

The economy of San Diego is one of the strongest in the United States according to Forbes who ranked the city #68 on its list of the two-hundred Best Places for Business and Careers. San Diego is among the biggest military cities in the United States, with a particular presence of the Navy. As such, military is one of the biggest industries in San Diego. Additionally, tourism and technology are important industries for the city’s economy. These industries contribute to a healthy and diverse economy, which is more recession resistant for its diversity. Your San Diego franchise will benefit from this diversity, which can also help the city bounce back from times of recession.

City Incentives

In order to keep San Diego a competitive city for small businesses, San Diego’s Economic Development Department created the Business Expansion, Attraction, and Retention (BEAR) team. BEAR helps San Diego attract new businesses by working closely with various organizations, including the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, to develop best practices and offer resources to businesses that open or relocate to the city. BEAR and the Business Development Division can advocate for incentives from the city itself, such as tax relief, in order to assist businesses when they open or operate.

Business Support Network

When you open a Transworld franchise, you have many resources available to you. Transworld has a proven business model, and a key part of our company’s success is that we offer extensive support to our franchise owners from the moment they sign the franchise agreement. As the owner of a Transworld franchise in San Diego, you will receive help with everything from choosing your site to training your employees to day-to-day operations.

In addition to this support from Transworld corporate, San Diego has a myriad of resources that you can use to help your franchise succeed. The Economic Development Corporation, or EDC, is just one of the organizations that offer resources to business owners, including advice and counseling. The EDC also specializes in obtaining research and information that you can utilize to maximize your San Diego franchise.

This investment opportunity is so good that it won’t last long! Click this LINK to get started right away on opening your Transworld franchise in San Diego.