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Why Invest in a Los Angeles Franchise?

Are you looking for a franchise opportunity in Los Angeles? Do you want to open your own business, but save on the guesswork of starting from scratch? Do you have a passion for business and an understanding of hard work? If you answered yes, you are the person we are looking for! At Transworld, we are looking for someone just like you to open our newest franchise in Los Angeles, California! Los Angeles has everything a new business needs: a strong economy to build your business upon and amazing tax breaks for businesses of all sizes in all industries. Interested yet? Keep reading to learn more about what this exciting city has to offer your business.

Los Angeles, California

Stable Economic Climate

A strong economic foundation is important to have when you’re looking to open a new business or franchise, and you’re in luck! Los Angeles is part of one of the biggest economies in the world: California. If it were its own country, California would be the eighth largest economy worldwide. As it is now, the state makes up 13% of the entire United States’ economy, with a total economic impact of $2.3 trillion. Los Angeles is a key component of this enormous economy, with its various successful industries including entertainment, culture, media, world business, international trade, education, and technology. Diversity is key to economic success, and as you can see, Los Angeles is more than just the “entertainment capital of the world,” as it has been called. Your Los Angeles franchise stands to gain from the economic stability that the city has spent decades cultivating.

Tax Incentives

In an effort to keep the economy growing, thriving, and diverse, Los Angeles has implemented various incentive programs to attract new businesses to the city. As a Los Angeles franchise owner, you will be able to utilize some of these perks of investing in the city of angels, including the “New Business Tax Holiday.” The “holiday” is an attractive incentive that will make your business exempt from paying city business taxes for the first three years that it is operating. This “holiday” is an amazing program that saves new businesses money when they need it the most. Even better, this is just one of the many incentives and tax breaks the city provides, so a franchise in Los Angeles may qualify for additional breaks.

With everything Los Angeles can offer your franchise, it’s easy to decide to invest in this dynamic city. In addition to the stable economy and money-saving tax breaks, Transworld franchise owners receive unmatched support from our experienced corporate network. You will receive help and support with everything from choosing your location to training your employees to expanding your business; this corporate assistance is part of the proven business model that has made Transworld such a successful franchise brand. If you’re ready to invest in this amazing company, click this LINK to learn the next step in opening a Transworld franchise in Los Angeles.