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Invest in Transworld in Lincoln, Nebraska

Transworld, the premier commercial real estate franchise in the United States, is looking for someone driven to open the latest franchise in Lincoln, Nebraska. At Transworld, we strive to provide the best for our franchise owners so that they, in turn, can provide the best for their customers. That’s why we want to expand our business into Lincoln, a city with amazing resources for businesses, a commitment to bettering the city, and a highly educated population thanks to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. To learn more about this vibrant and exciting city, keep reading.

Lincoln, Nebraska

Business Resources

In order to maintain a diverse and successful economy, Lincoln created the Urban Development Department, which in turn implemented Tax Incremental Financing, or TIF. TIF is a tax incentive program that offers rebates and reimbursements to businesses that meet certain criteria. TIF is available for businesses that build or open in disadvantaged areas of the city, in an effort to remove blight, create jobs, and expand opportunities in low income areas or areas with declining populations. Businesses can take advantage of TIF if they use funds to develop land, rejuvenate decrepit buildings, or otherwise rehabilitate these neighborhoods.

City Development

In order to keep the city at its best, Lincoln’s Community Development Division has the goal of improving the livelihood of low- to middle-income citizens and encouraging development of the city. There are many programs that the CDD offers, one of which is the federally funded Community Development Block Grant, or CDBG. Using CDBG funds, the city of Lincoln develops sustainable communities in neighborhoods that are declining. In particular, CDBG funds create affordable, sometimes subsidized, housing in low- to middle-income areas.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is one of the oldest universities west of the Mississippi. Indeed, it was one of the first universities in its part of the country to award doctorate degrees, with the first one being awarded in 1896. In addition, UNL was the first university to have an undergraduate psychology lab and it’s the birthplace of the study of Ecology. UNL is not only interested in science, though. The school has a reputation for its interest in the arts, because of its literary magazine and the Sheldon Museum of Art. As the educational center of the state of Nebraska, UNL offers Lincoln many benefits related to a revolving student population and its numerous faculty members.

With everything Lincoln has to offer a Transworld franchise owner, the decision to invest is an easy one. The city’s business resources and citywide development programs set it apart as a place that takes care of its business owners and citizens alike. If you’re ready to invest in Transworld in Lincoln, click this LINK to find out how to open your franchise right away.