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Invest in Transworld in Lafayette, Louisiana

Transworld is looking for someone to open the newest franchise in Lafayette, Louisiana. At Transworld, we offer our franchise owners the best in training, support, and locations, which is why we think Lafayette is an ideal place to open one of our businesses. In Lafayette, the strong economy and amazing business resources make for a city in which it’s easy to open a new business. In addition, Cajun culture dominates in Lafayette, which keeps the city vibrant and exciting at all times. Keep reading to learn more about why this city is an ideal location for Transworld.

Lafayette, Louisiana


Lafayette is one of the top ranking cities in the nation, even if its population of just over half a million is rather small. Forbes found Lafayette to be in the top two-hundred cities on their list of the Best Places for Business and Careers, largely because of Lafayette’s extremely low cost of doing business and its high rate of job growth. In addition, Southern Business and Development put Lafayette on its list of the top ten economies in the south, with its “sizzling mid-market economy” and diverse success in such industries as technology, healthcare, energy, and entertainment. Finally, Lafayette was named the fifth best city for job growth by the periodical Business Facilities.

Small Business Development Center

Small businesses are integral to the success of any economy, which is why Lafayette has partnered with the Louisiana Small Business Development Center, or LSBDC, to help small businesses open and relocate to the city. The LSBDC offers various resources to new business owners, operating from Louisiana State University. The team of consultants at the University are award winning, and offer their cumulative decades of experience to new business owners and entrepreneurs. Since the LSBDC opened in 1983, it has developed a stunning reputation as a resource for businesses throughout Lafayette.

Cajun Capital

Cajun culture, a blend of French, Spanish, Indian, and African cultures, abounds in Lafayette. Indeed, the city proclaims itself the Cajun Capital of the country, with its rich music scene and thriving food industry. Indeed, boudin, a famous Cajun food, is so popular in the city that there’s a so-called Boudin Trail, including a map, which shows all the best places to eat this delicacy so locals and tourists alike can be sure not to miss out on the best boudin in town. The Cajun life philosophy of “joie de vivre,” joy of life, is integral to the cultural identity of Lafayette. Indeed, this motto likely had a large influence on the National Bureau of Economic Research’s finding that Lafayette is the happiest city in the country.

There’s no time to delay! An investment opportunity in the dynamic and economically strong city of Lafayette won’t come around all the time. If you’re ready to open a Transworld franchise in Lafayette, click this LINK to learn how to get started immediately.