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Why Invest in a Franchise in Knoxville?

Are you looking for an opportunity to own your own business and put your business savvy to good use? Do you want to be your own boss and receive support from an established corporate? Look no further than Transworld, a one of a kind commercial real estate franchise. At Transworld, we are seeking someone like you to become the latest franchise owner in the amazing city of Knoxville. There are so many reasons why opening a Transworld franchise in Knoxville is a great idea, and many of them are economic. Knoxville has a unique and strong economy with all the right indicators for franchise success. In addition, the city wants small businesses to succeed, and as such they provide a number of spectacular resources to help with that. If you’re looking for the right place and the right franchise opportunity, a Transworld franchise in Knoxville is the choice for you.

Knoxville, Tennessee

Thriving Local Economy

A strong economy is an important factor in opening a new business, and Knoxville has all the indicators of continued economic success. The unemployment rate is low and the job growth rate is high, almost double that of the rest of the country. In addition, living in Knoxville is extremely inexpensive, with a cost of living 12% lower than the national average and housing costs 20% lower than the national average. Even better, the median annual household income is only marginally lower than that of the rest of the nation, meaning that residents of Knoxville earn almost as much as the rest of the country but spend a lot less on everyday expenses. Similarly, the cost of doing business mirrors the cost of living, coming in at #67 on a Forbes’ ranking of two-hundred cities. When Forbes set out to find the top two-hundred American cities for business and careers, they ranked Knoxville as #64, undoubtedly because of these factors. With an economy this strong, and projections indicate that it will stay that way, it’s an easy decision to open a franchise in Knoxville.

Business Assistance

Small businesses are critical to economic success, which is why Knoxville has multiple small business resources available. One notable organization, the Eastern Tennessee Economic Development Agency (ETEDA), is a partnership of various public and private institutions. ETEDA specializes in research and conducts enormous research throughout the eastern Tennessee region in order to understand the demographics and industries there. In addition to all this data, ETEDA offers business counseling, plan development assistance, real estate connections, and many more services. Any Knoxville franchise that takes advantage of these amazing resources is a step ahead of the others, as the valuable information from the qualified professionals at ETEDA will be integral to deciding where to open your franchise.

There are so many wonderful qualities in Knoxville that we could go on for pages about the research, education, culture, and activities in this gorgeous part of Tennessee. The most important aspects of this city, for our purposes at least, are the economic ones. Truly a winning combination of low costs, high income, fast growth, and business help makes Knoxville a top city for new businesses. When you open your franchise in Knoxville, you will see how this advantageous economy will help you thrive. If you’re ready to become your own boss, click this LINK to learn the next step in opening a Knoxville franchise.