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Why Invest in a Houston Franchise?

Transworld is excited to announce our newest franchise opportunity in Houston, Texas! Investing in a commercial real estate franchise in Houston is a smart way to become your own boss. Houston is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States and as such has a vibrant economy complete with resources to help small businesses succeed. If you’re ready to own your own business, keep reading to learn more about investing in a Transworld franchise in Houston.

Houston, Texas

Enormous City Growth

Houston, and its surrounding area, is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. During the period from 2015 to 2040, the real gross area product is on track to more than double, including major growth in the industries of services, manufacturing, mining, finance, insurance, and real estate. The population has seen enormous recent growth and yet unemployment in the city has remained at least one full percentage point lower than that of the nation. This is because of the huge job growth that has been occurring in the region and is expected to continue.

Houston’s population is only smaller than New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago, and more people are migrating to Houston each year than to any of those cities. The population growth shows no sign of slowing down, and Houston was the number one destination city each year from 2008 to 2013 according to U-Haul, who does a yearly assessment of its one-way moving truck rentals. By opening a franchise in Houston now, your franchise will benefit from the still low cost of doing business there, which is likely to go up as the economy gets stronger and the population grows. Also, opening when the city is still a new economic powerhouse will allow your Houston franchise to establish a strong base on which it can expand in the future.

Business Support Network

The Economic Development Division, or EDD, is a section of the Houston city government that assists businesses in opening, relocating, or expanding into Houston. The EDD’s main responsibility is developing tax breaks and other incentives for businesses in the city, all in an effort to maintain the strong economy and facilitate job growth. When you open a franchise in Houston, be sure to utilize the EDD’s network of business advisors, counselors, and loan officers, all of whom can share their real world experience with doing business in the unique city of Houston.

The time to invest in Houston is now. The rapidly growing city is still inexpensive for small business owners largely because of the efforts of the EDD. Opening a franchise in Houston is a smart way to start your career as a business owner, a career that can grow and expand throughout Houston, the state of Texas, and the nation. If you’re ready to get started, click this LINK to begin.