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Why Invest in a Chicago Franchise?

Are you looking for a franchise opportunity that will let you be your own boss, utilize your business skills, and still provide corporate support? Look no further than Transworld! Our commercial real estate business is looking for someone ambitious and hard working to open the newest franchise in Chicago, Illinois. Chicago’s strong economy has the perfect conditions for a successful franchise, and the city’s business support network is unlike any other. In addition to the practical reasons why opening a franchise in Chicago is a good idea, we also want to remind you that every major sport has a professional team that calls the Windy City home. You interested? Keep reading to learn more about what Chicago can offer your business.

Chicago, Illinois

Robust Local Economy

Chicago is recognized as a world leader in the finance industry, but the Windy City’s economy has grown to be more diverse than that. True, finance is the biggest industry in the city, but publishing, engineering, food production, information technology, health care, and many other industries are growing and thriving in Chicago as well. This diverse economy can help your Chicago franchise by creating a strong foundation on which you can build your new business. In addition, Chicago’s enormous economy, complete with a workforce of well over four million employees, has not shot up the cost of living in the city, which is usually what happens in big cities with strong economies. Indeed, Chicago residents pay less than the average American for housing, utilities, and food but still earns more per year. This surplus results in discretionary income, which residents put back into the economy to continue this cycle. Opening a franchise in Chicago is a great way to maximize these favorable economic conditions.


When you open a franchise in Chicago, you can benefit from an enormous network of successful business people volunteering their time and experience to help new business owners via an organization called SCORE. These business people donate their time to act as mentors to the new generation of entrepreneurs on such subjects as business planning, finding sources of funding, marketing, accounting, or other challenges you might face. As a Chicago franchise owner, learning and taking advice from the SCORE volunteers can help your business go farther, faster. Studies have shown that having a mentor can make a huge difference in someone’s success at work, and owning your own business is no different.

All Sports All the Time

On the off chance that the favorable economic conditions in Chicago are not enough to convince you to open a Transworld franchise there, we want to remind you that Chicago is home to a professional team for every major American sport. You can enjoy year round professional sports viewing in your home city including baseball, basketball, football, soccer, and hockey.

The time to invest in Chicago is now! The economy is one of the best in the nation, the business resources are unparalleled, and the sports are out of this world. Opening a Transworld franchise in Chicago is an easy and smart business decision. Click this LINK to find out how to get started.