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Invest in the Best in the Business

Transworld is so excited to announce that the latest franchise opportunity is in Cheyenne, Wyoming! If you’re searching for an investment that will remain prosperous in any economic climate, look no further than Transworld! Our proven business model is one of the best in the commercial real estate industry, and we pass all our experience on to our franchise owners. Cheyenne is the perfect place to invest in Transworld, with its growing economy and resources for business owners. Read on to learn more about why Cheyenne and Transworld are a great pair.

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Healthy Economy

Though Cheyenne is a relatively small city, with just over 65,000 people residing there, it’s growing rapidly. From 2009 and 2014, the population grew by 5%. Matching the population growth is the city’s job growth, with a rate of almost 2% per year. Pair this growth with the low unemployment rate of 3.8%—that’s more than two percent lower than the national average—and the low cost of living, and Cheyenne has a steady enough economy to land it in the top 100 on Forbes’ list of the Best Small Places for Business and Careers.

Cheyenne LEADS

Cheyenne’s city government understands that small businesses are integral to the success of the economy, which is why it has partnered with an organization called LEADS to diversify the economy and attract businesses from all over the nation to Cheyenne. LEADS works with these companies by building business parks, assisting with site location, offering training to employees, and researching relevant demographic information in Cheyenne.

Working with LEADS has helped many businesses get necessary information on locations, potential customers, and more. LEADS offers its services to companies who pay a membership fee, keeping things community-based and affordable for all. A partnership with LEADS can only be beneficial in the commercial real estate industry.

Cheyenne has so much to offer a Transworld investor that it would be impossible for us to name all the programs, resources, and relevant economic indicators. A strong economy and a healthy, diverse business climate are important to the success of any franchise, and Transworld is certainly no exception. When you invest in one of our stores, we provide extensive training and support to ensure that you get off to the greatest start possible. If you’re ready to learn how to open a Transworld franchise, click this LINK to get started.