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Why Invest in an Elk Grove Franchise?

Are you looking for a franchise opportunity that will allow you to put your skills to good use? Are you ambitious, hard-working, and business savvy? If you answered yes, Transworld is looking for you to own our newest business broker franchise in Elk Grove, California!

Elk Grove, a city near Sacramento, is an ideal location for a Transworld franchise. This city has a booming economy, complete with resources to help small business owners thrive. The combination of a strong economy and business support resources makes Elk Grove a great place for a Transworld franchise to build, grow, and thrive. Keep reading to learn more.

Elk Grove, California

Ideal Economic Conditions

Elk Grove’s proximity to Sacramento is a great boon to the city’s economy. Within a short distance of the state capital, Elk Grove is perfectly positioned to benefit from Sacramento’s economic strength and stability without suffering from the blights that come from a big city.

Indeed, Elk Grove performs better than the rest of the nation in most economic indicators. Unemployment in Elk Grove is nearly one percent lower than the (already low) national average, and job growth is higher. These positive economic indicators show just how strong the Elk Grove economy is.

Small Business Support

Small businesses are key to any economy’s success, which is why Elk Grove has invested in resources and support for small businesses. Indeed, such resources have expanded in the last several years, as Elk Grove has recently gotten its own Small Business Development Center, or SBDC.

Business owners in Elk Grove used to have to go into Sacramento to obtain free counsel and advice from the SBDC experts. But since 2015 when the Chamber of Commerce opened and started an SBDC, it became that much more convenient for small business owners to get the help they need.

The time to invest in Elk Grove is now! This exciting city is growing and the strong economy and amazing resources make it a desirable location for a business broker franchise. Learn more about our franchise opportunity and get started on becoming a business broker today.