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Transworld’s consultancy franchise opportunities are unlike any others. Transworld is a B2B (business to business) service company specializing in business brokerage and franchise development. That means that our franchisees specialize in growing and selling businesses. As such, they’re privy to sensitive information that their clients won’t want to get out. Here, learn a bit more about the type of information you’ll be responsible for as a Transworld franchisee. 

Your Customers’ Information Matters


As a business broker, some of the most sensitive information you’ll handle relates to their year-over-year performance. You’ll need to know the value of their business to determine reliable potential qualified buyers. If the wrong people knew how much revenue a business was earning, it could impact your client’s ability to sell for the highest price. You’ll discreetly share it only with people who need to know. 

For-Sale Status

Another fundamental element to keep confidential is whether a business is for sale at all. Business owners need to keep this information private because if it leaked out, employees could leave, and customers might not continue to frequent their business. One chief reason business owners call upon business brokers instead of managing sales themselves is to ensure their business runs as usual during the process. 

Much More

Our franchisees are entrusted with lots of information that needs to be kept confidential. During our franchise training, we’ll explain exactly what all of this information looks like and how you can keep it from slipping out. 

About Our Consultancy Franchise Opportunity

The Transworld consultancy franchise opportunity stands out from other franchises. As a B2B brand, we focus on working with other businesses rather than customers. With thousands of businesses sold each year, our franchisees help simplify the process for these buyers and sellers.

As a Transworld franchisee, you’ll work with business owners to set the right price and find the right buyers for their business. You’ll earn a commission for each sale and be able to get most of the work done right from your home office. 

Our franchisees also have the capacity to tap into other revenue streams, including:

  • Franchise development and consulting: These services help franchisors grow their business on a large scale
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: You’ll help companies to partner up to achieve maximum growth

Don’t know much about how any of these services work? That’s okay. Part of our consultancy franchise opportunity is training in how to run your new business. Even if you don’t have any experience in the field, we’ll teach you how to buy, sell, and grow businesses. There’s no need to invest in a costly business degree when you partner with our team of experts.

Contact Transworld today to learn more about the services you’ll provide to your clients.