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It’s the long-term goal of many motivated, experienced employees: to work for yourself. Free of the restrictions imposed by supervisors and able to adapt to your own perceptions of the market, the idea of owning a business and charting your own course to success is very appealing.

Working as a business advisor could be a perfect fit if you’re motivated by the idea of self-employment and eager to help other burgeoning business owners. Here’s what you need to know to become a business advisor.

Understand People

Transworld Business Advisors brings together buyers and sellers to make deals happen. Understanding the complexities of the market is important, but having a knack for working with people is what makes the best business advisors successful. You need to be able to understand what motivates clients and to adapt to their priorities.

In the world of business brokerage, relationship-builders fly high.

Advise Across a Broad Spectrum of Business Transactions

Transworld Business Advisors make deals happen in three ways.

  1. Connecting buyers and sellers
  2. Connecting entrepreneurs to franchise opportunities
  3. Turning existing businesses into successful franchises

You’ll broker deals across the full spectrum of services available to clients, so you’ll become proficient in a broad range of business acquisition skills, from qualifying buyers to due diligence and closing.

Build Businesses for Others while Building Your Own Legacy

Business advisors enjoy a satisfying and important role in the economy: building business opportunities for others and generating income as a result. You’ll work to make dreams come true for new franchise owners, to stabilize and establish growing organizations, and to coordinate important changes in existing businesses.

Company owners need sophisticated, trustworthy advice from advisors who can facilitate successful organizational change. You’ll generate a success story for each client you serve—while generating your own.

Undertake Sophisticated and Comprehensive Training

To become a business advisor, franchisees enjoy a full complement of training and support, including a network of owners around the globe. You’ll be up and running quickly, building a client base and establishing yourself as a trusted advisor in your community.

Our training program covers sale and closing techniques proven to increase business, as well as instruction on the services you’ll need, from sales listings to financing.

Anticipate Some Major Changes

Working as a Transworld Business Advisor will mean making some significant changes in your working life. As your own supervisor, you’ll work when you want and how you want. You’ll work to coordinate multiple revenue streams across an array of business transactions, and you’ll make important decisions daily for your own business and for the businesses of your clients. Ready to learn more? Request more information today!

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