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What is franchise consulting? In general, a consultant typically refers to someone who provides expert advice in a professional capacity. Franchise consultants teach professionals from a number of different industries how to maneuver the labyrinth that can sometimes be the franchise field.

A franchise consultant is a professional broker who helps franchises grow their footprint, and potential franchisees find the investment that’s right for them. Transworld Business Advisors is a leader in the franchise consulting industry and is always looking for talented and motivated professionals to open their own franchise consulting businesses with us.

A Growing Industry

The management consulting industry has grown faster than the overall U.S. economy by 1.4% per year since 2016, and forecasters predict that that growth will continue. Franchise consulting is very much a reflection of this trend. As more entrepreneurs look to franchise their businesses, they create a healthy demand for brokers who can help their ventures develop and grow.

Helping People on Their Entrepreneurial Journey

Having expert advice and someone to help answer the many outstanding questions that arise can make an exponential difference when it comes to the growth of a franchise. And potential franchisees have a greater chance in determining what they want and finding the road to get there when they have a franchise consultant by their side.

Why Open a Consulting Business with Transworld instead of on Your Own?

Franchisees enjoy the benefit that comes with our brand recognition and the well-earned trust our company has earned over the course of years. Working under an established brand saves franchise consultants the time and money required to establish their own brand. And, unlike when they’re out on their own, when a question, concern, or complication inevitably arises, Transworld consultants have at their fingertips a network of experts who are ready to help. Also, instead of creating an untried business model from scratch, our franchisees have the benefit of our established operations and infrastructure from which to run their business. As you can see, when franchise consultants invest in Transworld, they will likely save a lot of time and money throughout the operation of their business.

We’ll Make You an Expert in No Time

If you’re aspiring to become a franchise consultant on your own, you’ll need to find a mentor who is willing to take you under their wing. Even if you’re lucky enough to find someone to do that, there will likely not be much of a safety net beneath. Instead, Transworld franchisees receive a comprehensive training program specifically designed to teach them everything they need to know to become experts in the field. And we not only help you get started, we do everything we can to help you hit the ground running.

What is franchise consulting, and how can you enter the field from the ground up? Contact us today to learn more about how Transworld can lead you to discover the professional independence and satisfaction you crave.