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What Is a Business Broker?

A business broker is essentially a mediator for business deals.

When it comes to brokering businesses, there’s a bit of nuance involved to help both parties. Business brokers are the middle ground between business owners looking to sell their business and eager entrepreneurs looking to buy. This process isn’t typically as easy as it might sound, though.

Why? When owners, who have poured thousands of hours and dollars into a business, are moving on, they want to sell for the highest price possible. The labor and dedication they’ve given their business makes it all the more valuable in their minds – there’s intrinsic value that no buyer could really understand.

But none of that matters on the other end of the table for someone who wants to purchase a ready-to-profit business at the best value. Ultimately, both sides are looking for the best deal, which can’t happen.

That’s where a business broker gets involved.

what is a business broker

What Skills Do They Need?

It’s really a variety of skills that different brokers possess. Some go to school and obtain expensive business degrees, others work for different corporations in the business or finance world before getting into the field. In some states, you’re required to have a real estate license to be a business broker, since as part of the buying and selling of business you’re also transferring ownership of property.

But most important are people skills, which of course include mediation and conflict resolution skills.

As a franchisee with Transworld Business Advisors, though, it isn’t necessary to have industry experience, although we do consider some degree of business or real estate knowledge to be beneficial. When you invest in Transworld as a franchisee, you receive two full weeks of training, as well as continuous support throughout the life of your business.

Do They Work with a Firm, or Independently?

When you franchise with Transworld, there is no requirement to open an office space or hire any additional staff, which significantly lowers the cost of your total initial investment. Instead, you have the opportunity to work from home, joining the growing number of nearly 40% of business brokers who work away from traditional offices and firms.

By doing so, the main things you need are a computer, internet connection, an accessible phone line, and a professional business space to bring clients into. As a franchisee with Transworld, we’ll give you access to proprietary software that helps you list businesses for sale privately, while also having access to other companies listed for sale to help prospective buyers find the perfect fit.

And with the rest of our excellent training and resources that support you throughout the life of your business, working as a business broker from home has never been easier.

If you’re ready to take the next step toward your dreams of brokerage and independence, contact us today to speak with a Transworld representative.