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What is a business broker and how do they earn a living? Transworld has been helping our franchisees master this exciting career for years, and they’ve gone on to become important forces in their local business communities and beyond. Business brokerage is an exciting career that, in the past, required a good deal of specialized knowledge and experience. Now, Transworld helps qualified investors from a range of backgrounds transition into their new roles as business brokers.

What is a Business Broker?

A business broker helps facilitate important deals, most notably the buying and selling of businesses. Oftentimes, business owners don’t want the general public to know that their business is for sale. For one thing, it might create a lack of interest in what they have to offer. Furthermore, employees might become nervous and quit, leaving the new owner without an experienced staff during the transition. Along these lines, business owners also don’t want the general public to know important details about their performance, such as how much revenue they generate and how much is used on expenditures. Business brokers simplify the process, discreetly connecting buyers and sellers to facilitate smooth transitions that meet the needs of all parties involved.

What Kind of Demand Exists for Business Brokers?

The business brokerage industry is worth around $1 billion and has been steadily growing. Currently, there are over 3,000 business brokers in the U.S., with the number of businesses growing at around 2.8% annually — demonstrating the need for their services across the board. Statistics like this demonstrate that there is plenty of room for newcomers in the industry, and Transworld is the perfect franchisor to help investors stake a claim in this growing business.

How Does Transworld Help?

Transworld is constantly conducting research and development to maintain an up-to-date answer to the question “What is a business broker?” As technology and industry trends advance, the responsibilities of a business broker may shift, and we help our franchisees stay on top of these changes. Furthermore, we provide our franchisees with comprehensive training right from the start, filling them in on important information like:

  • What their key responsibilities will include
  • How to find clients
  • How to market their services
  • How to build repeat business
  • Using technology to their advantage
  • … and much more

Transworld also helps franchisees by supporting them as they grow their new business. Our years of experience have taught us just what it takes to maintain a strong business brokerage that runs smoothly without wasted time or resources. Furthermore, we’ve developed a cache of marketing materials that help our franchisees spread the word about their new business to the potential clients in their community. If you’re serious about changing careers, you’d be hard-pressed to find an opportunity that provides so much preparation and support to newcomers.

Still wondering “What is a business broker?” Contact us with your questions.