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If you are looking into Transworld franchise opportunities, you probably have a couple questions to which you need answers. For example: what is a business broker and why is this an ideal opportunity? Here at Transworld, we are firm believers in helping investors find the best opportunities for them, because our success is based on our franchisees’ success. Here are some of the most common questions we receive from potential investors, and the answers you want to know in order to learn if a Transworld franchise is right for you.

What Is a Business Broker?

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, a business broker primarily serves as a buffer, or an impartial third party, between the buyer and the seller. Brokers go above and beyond just this, however. They help with negotiating, prescreening the business, assisting with paperwork. Transworld franchise owners are also licensed business brokers, so when you invest, you go through training and support that prepares you for everything that comes with being a business broker.

Why a Business Broker Franchise?

Now that you know what a business broker is, you might be wondering: why choose a franchise over starting a privately owned business? Transworld is a well-established franchisor that is not only #1 in its category and featured on the Franchise 500 list, but also a world leading business broker franchise.

Investing in a business broker franchise may be the better opportunity for your career because of the training you receive prior to opening. Our training program covers everything, to make sure you have all the skills and licensing you need to get started with your franchise. We fly you down to our headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida, and you learn everything you need to be a successful Transworld business broker. In addition to the training, we also support you from the moment you sign the franchise agreement and all throughout your franchise journey. We make sure you are up-to-date on the latest trends in the industry and you know the best practices for your franchise.

How Much Does it Cost?

One of the best things about opening a business broker franchise with Transworld is that there aren’t any specific requirements for an office location. All franchisees need is a place to conduct meetings with their clients, which means they can operate from a private office, a co-working space, or even from their own home.

What Do I Get for my Investment?

One of the best reasons to invest in a Transworld franchise as opposed to starting your own business is that we break down the total investment before you even decide that this is the right opportunity for you. Since you’ll have a clear picture of the costs associated with a brokerage business, you do not have to worry about spending unnecessary money and time on things that you don’t have to. In addition, our investment is turnkey – which means that, essentially, all you have to do is “turn the key” to begin your new business venture.

We’ve made opening an ideal business in a growing industry easy by creating a turnkey franchise opportunity for business brokers. To learn  more  about our franchise opportunity, check out our website’s the FAQ section.