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When you open a business brokerage franchise with Transworld, you’re opening yourself up to a new world of opportunities. Our franchisees enjoy lots of perks: they’re often able to work from home, they provide in-demand services, and they enjoy the support of a dedicated team behind them. It’s a great time to invest in the business brokerage industry, and Transworld is ready to help you get your new business started.

So, with all of those benefits, what does it take to become a franchisee? You might be surprised at how flexible the requirements are.

You’re Serious About Starting a New Business

Many of our franchisees are coming from corporate jobs where they didn’t have much flexibility. They want to work for themselves so they can enjoy some independence: setting their own schedule is often a high priority. 

Transworld franchisees do enjoy a good deal of flexibility. This freedom to shift your schedule makes it much easier to: manage school pickups and drop-offs, take sick days, and go on vacation. Nevertheless, there’s work to be done, and our franchisees need to be serious about growing their business. 

Our franchisees should be ready to

  • Fully participate in our comprehensive training program
  • Travel to clients’ locations to meet with them
  • Make the time to give every client’s case the attention it deserves
  • Implement and monitor ongoing marketing campaigns
  • Work with our team to stay up-to-date on best practices and growth strategies

These are just a few examples of the responsibilities you should expect as a Transworld franchisee. If you’re serious about growing a successful business and are ready to put work into tasks like these, you could be a good fit for Transworld.

You’re Ready to Make the Investment in Opening a Business Brokerage Franchise

We estimate that it will cost around $100K to open a business brokerage franchise with Transworld. That’s significantly less than it costs to open many other businesses. We’re able to keep our costs so low because our franchisees don’t necessarily need to invest in commercial real estate, employee salaries, or inventory. Along these lines, their overhead expenses are typically low throughout the life of their business. 

If you’re ready to invest about $100K, you could be a good fit for Transworld. If you don’t have that level of liquid capital on-hand, many of our franchisees opt to seek financing such as a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan. Transworld is a well-established brand with a time-tested business model that makes our prospective franchisees especially attractive to lenders. 

No Experience Necessary

One thing it doesn’t take to open a business brokerage franchise? Business brokerage experience. You’ll take part in a comprehensive training program designed to teach you how to provide the in-demand services our customers need. So don’t let your lack of business brokerage knowledge prevent you from taking advantage of this great opportunity.

Contact Transworld today to learn more about what it takes to open a business brokerage franchise.