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Imagine when a deal you’ve been working on is finally signed off by both the buyer and the seller, and everyone is happy – as a business broker with Transworld Business Advisors, you could be a part of that thrilling moment! With our turnkey investment opportunity, you’ll enjoy the rush of moments like these while becoming an important part of the small business community.

As a business advisor with Transworld, you’ll provide the guidance, solutions, and advice your clients need to help grow, buy, or sell their businesses. These transactions can be the most important sale or purchase of someone’s life, illustrating why business brokers are so crucial.

When you start a business as a Transworld advisor, you can break into a growing industry with the world leader in business brokerage. You’ll have the comprehensive training, ongoing support, and proven systems you need to provide quality business broker, franchise broker, and business advisor services to your community.

Our Franchise Development Program

With our easy-to-follow and profitable franchise model and system, Transworld franchisees can hit the ground running. Our unique business model helps to position us as a world leader in the business brokerage industry and has allowed us to soar to new heights – and we’re ready to do the same for you.

As part of your investment, you’ll have the opportunity to offer business brokerage, franchise consulting, franchise development, and mergers and acquisitions services all in one! Our franchisees enjoy having four potential revenue streams to fulfill all their client’s business needs while providing them with four times the opportunity for growth and success.

Our franchise development services assist existing owners who are looking to expand their business through franchising. We’ll teach you how to work with our established networks of partners as you duplicate their business or concept for franchising. As with franchise consulting, franchise development incorporates incentives. Successful matches could result in referral fees of about $20,000.

Multiple Revenue Streams and Higher Income

By combining several successful industries and profit centers into the same business model, Transworld sets our franchisees up for higher potential income. While our services exist in four separate industries, there is significant overlap and synergy between each.

In addition to franchise development services, you’ll also be able to provide business owners:

  • Franchise consulting services. In this profit center, you’ll appropriately match your clients to the franchise opportunity that best matches their criteria, background, and investment level.
  • Business brokerage services. You’ll help clients sell their businesses while still running day-to-day operations, making the process go more smoothly.
  • Mergers and acquisitions services. Our team of M&A experts will work with you to ensure smooth and successful merger and acquisition transactions so your clients achieve their growth, expansion, and market penetration aspirations.

It All Starts with a Turnkey Investment Opportunity

It’s true! Our investment includes everything you need to start your own Transworld business. We’ll provide you with our time-tested business model in addition to a comprehensive training program, ongoing support, and results-driven marketing campaigns.

What makes our franchise business model so effective?

  • We’re a low-cost investment with no need for inventory or equipment
  • Our franchisees enjoy a balanced and flexible lifestyle in that they can work where and when they want
  • Our strong supportive network of existing owners and the global network of our partnership with United Franchise Group means you’ll never be without the support you need
  • You’ll have high-profit potential where your earnings are limitless, thanks to our unique business model and multiple revenue streams

It’s a great time to invest in a business opportunity with Transworld. With franchising expected to continue at a phenomenal rate and only one business broker for about every 1,850 businesses, there’s no question that the demand for our services is there.

Curious to learn more about what it means to be a Transworld franchise owner and why you should consider our investment opportunity? Contact us today!