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Our business brokerage franchise model is bolstered by our relationship with our parent company, United Franchise Group (UFG). UFG has enabled us to sell more than 10,000 businesses in 200-plus offices worldwide.

Franchising is currently at the crossroads of expanding at a phenomenal rate. In the post-pandemic economy, franchise establishments are forecast to open more than 26,000 locations, add nearly 800,000 new jobs, and contribute $477bn to the U.S. GDP.

As the world leader in business brokerage franchise models, Transworld is part of a trillion-dollar industry. When you franchise with us, you become part of that industry, too, with the training and support you need to run your business smoothly.

Our Business Brokerage Franchise Model

Transworld employs a time-tested business model. Franchisees can go into business for themselves and benefit from multiple revenue streams. Our franchise owners provide business coaching, facilitate the purchasing and selling of businesses, and business owners break into the franchising space.

Our business model is supported by our comprehensive training program. It’s designed to get you up-to-speed quickly, so you utilize the business brokerage franchise model for yourself. The Transworld business model is efficient, easy-to-follow, and one of the most affordable franchising opportunities available.

UFG’s Valuable Expertise

Between UFG’s over 30 years of franchise experience coupled with Transworld’s 40 plus years in business, there’s no other opportunity that offers more knowledge or expertise.

There are currently eleven brands under UFG’s name, so they know what it takes to start and run a successful business. They’re professionals at developing turnkey models that can be implemented pretty much anywhere.

The strong reputation that UFG maintains as a trustworthy and knowledgeable source has allowed us to add valuable new revenue streams to our model, create useful resources to get franchises up and running their business smoothly and refine our processes to make them as efficient as possible.

There For You

Transworld provides all of the tools you need to succeed. Your initial 2-weeks of training will take place at UFG’s headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida. Here you’ll learn about business brokerages, franchise consulting, and franchise development.

Franchisees also learn about companies and how to match investors to a concept. UFG teaches franchisees about business brokerages and how to work with buyers and sellers to ensure that everyone gets the best deal. UFG helps you learn the ins and outs of the transaction process and how to work with clients, and run, manage, and grow a successful business.

When you open a business brokerage franchise model with Transworld, you’re getting all the added benefits of partnering with UFG.

Contact us today to learn more about the business brokerage franchise model with Transworld.