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We’re proud to announce that Transworld Franchise has been ranked #119 in Entrepreneur’s annual Franchise 500. The Franchise 500 is a comprehensive list of franchises that Entrepreneur has deemed to have great potential for investors based on factors like:

  • Costs & Fees: Ours are remarkably low
  • Support: Transworld Franchise offers comprehensive support
  • Size & Growth: We’ve grown by 52% in just three years!
  • Brand Strength: We’ve built up strong brand recognition
  • Financial Strength & Stability: We’ve been in business for years

Here, we’ll dig a little deeper into the ranking and what it means for prospective franchisees. 

We’re Steadily Climbing Up the List

Transworld Franchise made a huge jump up in the list from last year, likely because of the many locations we opened in 2019. According to a recent press release:

Transworld Business Advisors opened 20 franchise locations and experienced one of the largest year-to-year jumps of any Franchise 500 company. The business brokerage franchise moved from No. 257 in 2019 to No. 119 in 2020 – a 138-spot improvement and No. 1 in category.

As you can see, Transworld is experiencing record growth. Although we’ve been franchising since 2007, in the last few years more and more prospective franchisees have recognized the unique potential of our business model. With a low cost to entry and multiple revenue streams to take advantage of, Transworld is a franchise that has the potential to get investors lots of “bang” for their “buck.”

Transworld Franchisees Come from All Backgrounds

Because we offer exemplary support, we’re able to work with franchisees from many different backgrounds. Because our business deals with finances, franchising, and brokerage, some prospective franchisees worry that they need a business degree to get started, but that’s not the case. Our parent company, United Franchise Group (UFG), helped us to design a comprehensive training and support program. With our help, franchisees learn how to:

  • Negotiate the buying and selling of businesses
  • Help entrepreneurs convert their businesses to franchises
  • Work with franchisors to improve their franchise offerings

Once you’ve learned the basics, we’ll help you set up your new business. Franchisees can look forward to ongoing support throughout the life of their Transworld franchise. Our exemplary support is just one more reason we’ve been recognized by Entrepreneur.

UFG is a Powerhouse Parent Company

You couldn’t ask for a better parent company than United Franchise Group. With decades of experience in franchising, and representing many franchise brands, their expertise has helped us to develop a highly-competitive franchise offering. 

Of course, their expertise doesn’t just benefit Transworld: three other UFG brands were ranked in the 2020 Franchise 500. Fully Promoted, Experimax, and Signarama also made the grade. Incidentally, Transworld franchisees who want to branch out and franchise with additional UFG brands can look forward to discounts on their franchise fee. 

We’re proud that Transworld Franchise is continuing to grow, and that Entrepreneur has recognized that growth along with our strong franchise model. Contact us today to learn more!