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The business brokerage industry is booming now more than ever, and it is a good time to consider investing. Here at Transworld, we help our business brokers corner a section of the market to make sure they have everything they need to start out right. However, not everybody has what it takes to be a Transworld franchisee. Here are a few of the qualities we look for from potential franchisees:


Here at Transworld, we look for people who are good on the phone and talking to people. We need someone who can talk to us when things go wrong so we can help and support them the best we can.

Although not required, having some background or knowledge in business will help you with your Transworld franchise. If you don’t have experience, have no fear! We will still help you through the twists and turns of the industry every step of the way. However, a little knowledge about general business practices or behaviors could go a long way and save time later on when you open your Transworld franchise.

This quality is not a “break it” for anyone looking to open a Transworld franchise, but it will help you in the long run with any franchise in any industry.


At Transworld, we lay out the path for our franchisees. All that we need in return is for them to take the steps. We have a comprehensive training program and support all throughout the process prior to franchisees going off into the industry. In addition, we encourage you to learn any state laws that may be required for becoming a franchisee. In certain states, a real-estate license may be required for business brokers. Luckily, we’ve mapped out what states do so you don’t have any surprises.


By taking the initial steps and even reading this article, we see there is dedication in you to learn the ways of the industry and be a dedicated franchisee. Having initiative when it comes to opening a Transworld franchise shows you have potential to be successful.

Business brokers are increasing in demand worldwide, and at Transworld we are looking for people dedicated to not only becoming business brokers but being trusted, dedicated individuals that clients keep returning to. Transworld is a well-known, nationwide brand that creates an atmosphere that makes people want to come back for business advice and brokerage needs.

The franchise advantage with Transworld is that our franchisees that are eager and dedicated to be part of the team have ample opportunities for success. We provide the training and support to all of them, as well as target markets to help them choose a location that is good for their business. Although having knowledge in business is helpful for any business or franchise, we will work with anyone who possesses the latter two top qualities to make sure they have what it takes to be a Transworld franchise owner.

To learn more about the opportunities as a Transworld franchisee, request more information.

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