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If you’re looking to embark on a profitable and impactful career move, Transworld Business Advisors is an excellent choice for savvy investors. Transworld features a business brokerage franchise opportunity that allows you to become an independent entrepreneur and take control of your destiny.

Transworld utilizes our decades of experience throughout our time-tested business model to help put our franchise owners on the path to success. We’ve built our reputation on providing quality service and support, and continue to be at the forefront of business brokerage and consulting services.

Our franchisees benefit from our extensive experience and resources which includes proprietary software, market analysis tools, comprehensive training programs, marketing materials, and more. Transworld also provides an invaluable network of experienced professionals and brokers who can provide guidance on a wide range of topics related to managing and growing your business.

We feature an all-inclusive suite of services that were designed to help franchisees successfully navigate the complexities of buying and selling businesses, as well as the necessary tools to efficiently manage the process. With Transworld, you’ll have the confidence that you’re investing in a reliable and respected company, complete with the knowledge and experience to ensure your success.

Why Business Brokerage?

Transworld franchisees are an important part of the small business community. We help clients during one of the most important transactions of their lives, playing a crucial role in ensuring the process goes smoothly and exceeds expectations. After all, business owners can’t just stick a for sale sign in their windows; they require an impartial third party to ensure all parties are satisfied with negotiations.

Our franchisees act as a bridge between buyers and sellers, facilitating the sale by providing objective guidance, solutions, and advice to reach deals that benefit both parties. As the world’s largest business brokerage franchise, we provide our franchisees with over forty years of experience in selling businesses so they have an understanding of the buyer’s needs, their financial resources, and the value of the company being sold.

The small business acquisitions grew in 2022, with closed transactions up 4.7% over the previous year. With one business broker for about every 1,850 businesses, there is plenty of room for newcomers to thrive. Investing in our low-cost franchise is a great opportunity to provide business brokerage, franchise consulting, and franchise development services to your community while breaking into a trillion-dollar industry.

Eight Steps to Buying a Transworld Franchise

Becoming a Transworld franchisee is your opportunity to help businesses in your community.

These eight steps offer insight into your journey to becoming an independent business broker with us:

  1. Fill out our Request Information form or give us a call. Our franchise development team can answer some initial questions and get you in contact with your Regional Vice President.
  2. Meet your Regional Vice President or another local representative to get to know one another and start building a relationship.
  3. Complete a personal profile that allows us to learn more about you, your business background, any questions or concerns you may have, your financial qualifications, and more.
  4. Receive and review our franchise disclosure document. This is a great way to learn more about our business opportunity.
  5. If all goes well in the first four steps, we’ll invite you to meet our executive team.
  6. Review our franchise agreement, apply, and mutually agree upon all terms before your franchise is awarded.
  7. Attend our comprehensive training program that’ll teach you everything you need to know about starting and running your business.
  8. Once training is complete, you’re ready to open your franchise. Congratulations!

Transworld is an investment worth making – one that will provide long-term rewards and help position you as a leader in the business brokerage field.

Curious to learn more about Transworld and why you should invest in a business brokerage franchise? Contact us today!