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Are you interested in becoming a franchise consultant but aren’t sure where to start? Transworld is a great franchisor to partner with. There’s never been a better time to break into the franchise consulting space, and Transworld has the experience and expertise to help you make a strong start. Best of all, the investment in one of our franchises is low – around $100K! The following will fill you in on what that investment gets you. 

The Total Investment in a Transworld Franchise

We’re able to keep our total estimated initial investment at around $100K because our franchisees don’t need to invest in costly amenities like commercial real estate or an inventory. As a business-to-business service company, it’s our skills that are in high demand – not products. Our initial investment includes just about everything it takes to get started, including our one-time franchise fee.

What’s Included?

The Franchise Fee

Transworld assesses a modest one-time franchise fee of $49,500. This franchise fee helps offset some of the costs associated with your onboarding and grants you access to the Transworld brand name and the many time-tested systems we’ve developed. 

Some people wonder why they should invest in a franchise when they could independently start a business on their own and avoid the franchise fee altogether. The truth is, the franchise fee has the potential to help you save money and earn more in the long run. When you contact us, we’ll give you more details on the invaluable resources you’ll enjoy as a franchisee, paid for in part by your franchise fee. 

Proprietary Systems

Transworld franchisees utilize a number of systems to keep their business running smoothly while saving themselves time and money. Your initial investment covers the technology you’ll need to access those systems, as well as key software.

Business Coaching & Expert Guidance 

Growing any new business is hard, and lots of questions are sure to come up along the way. As a Transworld franchisee, you’ll have access to a range of experts who are totally dedicated to helping you succeed. When you have questions or run into obstacles, it’s easy to contact the right person to help you find answers. Of course, you can also count on us to monitor your progress and provide you with one-on-one strategies to help you maximize your return on investment. 

Business coaching services are expensive for independent owners, but they’re just one more valuable resource included in the investment in your Transworld Franchise.

If you’re ready to learn more about what it takes to become a franchise consultant, contact Transworld today!