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Transworld is a business broker franchise that specializes in helping small businesses change hands. We also offer franchise consultation and development services. Between those three lines of service, our franchisees keep busy supporting the businesses in their areas. Here, learn more about business brokers and why their services are in such high demand. 

Growth in Our Industry

The $1 billion business brokerage industry has been steadily growing for years – about 2.4% from 2014-2019. That’s not surprising, as ours is a relatively stable field. Businesses are always changing hands, and our business broker franchise helps to facilitate those transactions.

We predict that the industry will show substantial growth in the next few years. As the U.S. bounces back from the pandemic, lots of entrepreneurs will seize the opportunity to buy new businesses. When they do, Transworld will be here to help them connect with local sellers. 

The Need for Transworld Business Broker Franchises

Transworld franchisees provide valuable services that the competition can’t match. They’re able to expertly match buyers and sellers, helping both parties to get a great deal that meets their unique needs. Thousands of businesses are sold every year, and sellers want to make sure that they get a great price while protecting their confidential information.

Selling a business is necessary when owners are ready to retire or move on to other pursuits, but it can be a sensitive proposition. Announcing that a business is being sold can rattle investors and employees, which can negatively impact its value. That’s why discretion is so important. Transworld has the resources in place to match buyers and sellers without letting the world know that a sale is taking place. We show our franchisees how to use these tools while keeping their client information confidential, so they can close deals while building up a strong reputation in their business community. 

What Does It Take to Get Started?

Transworld has a well-established system in place, so there’s no need for our franchisees to come in with prior experience as business brokers. Rather, we’re looking for franchisees who are excited to master our system and invest in their new business. 

The total cost to open a new Transworld franchise is around $100K. This figure includes virtually everything it takes to get started, including our one-time franchise fee of $49,500. Many of our franchisees opt to leverage third-party financing options, like SBA loans, to manage the initial investment. Our well-established brand and proven business model are attractive to lenders and can give you a leg up in the financing process. 

If you are serious about starting your own business broker franchise and dedicate yourself to mastering the Transworld system, you could be an ideal fit for our brand.

Contact Transworld today to learn more about why now is a great time to start a franchise of your own.