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The business consulting industry is valued at around $241 billion and is projected to grow 2.3% in 2021. While the COVID-19 pandemic did impact this industry, as it did many others, business consulting is expected to make a strong comeback. If you’re considering investing in a new business, ours is a great opportunity. Here, learn more about some of the reasons for our industry’s steady growth. 

As Long as There are Businesses, There Will be Business Brokers

Transworld franchisees specialize in a number of services that business owners need: business brokerage and consulting, and franchise development and consulting. Business owners rely on these services to stay ahead of the competition. 

Business brokerage is a distinctly in-demand service. At some point, business owners looking to retire need to decide whether to close their business, pass it along to family, or sell it. With those tough decisions at the forefront, turning to a trusted professional in the business consulting industry makes sense because selling a business requires a great deal of delicacy – owners never want to alarm employees or other stakeholders. Our franchisees provide a valuable service by discreetly facilitating sales. 

Our franchisees also provide business consulting services. Transworld has been in business for decades, and as part of your training, you’ll learn the ins and outs of how to improve the systems of businesses that are underperforming. We’ve built multiple revenue streams into our franchise model so that you can establish yourself and grow in the business consulting industry and beyond.

Franchise Industry Growth

The franchise industry is also steadily growing and is worth an estimated $500 billion. As the number of franchises grows, so does the need for franchise consulting and development. Franchisors are always looking for ways to sell more franchises, and when their growth stagnates, they need the help of franchising experts.

Transworld is a part of United Franchise Group (UFG), one of the world’s largest franchising groups. Since 1986, UFG has opened over 1,600 franchise locations in 80+ countries, with many more in development. As a Transworld franchise, you’ll enjoy the benefit of their knowledge when it comes to franchising. As such, you’ll have valuable services to offer them that competitors just can’t match. 

Along those lines, there’s relatively little competition in our business. When you contact us, we’ll assess the opportunities in your area and let you know what to expect in terms of customers and potential competition in your area. As the business consulting industry grows, there’s never been a better time to invest in a Transworld franchise. Contact us today to learn more about the opportunity!