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Let’s face it, the usual nine-to-five corporate gig isn’t for everyone. Long days that give little reward become an ordinary aspect of the professional lifestyle — an incredibly dull existence. For those looking to escape, let’s see why starting a business broker franchise with Transworld could be the answer. Take a quick look at some of the advantages that franchisees look forward to when investing in a Transworld franchise. 


Gaining Preferred Professional Independence 

What is the most frustrating aspect of a corporate career? Maybe it is the ongoing feeling of underappreciation from upper management. Or could it be the consistent feeling that all of your hard work is just feeding the bottom line of upper management. For some, it could also be the constant feeling of a demanding boss breathing down your neck.

No matter the reason, it seems like more and more people are starting to get fed up with the usual anxiety and stress from a cubicle existence. When owning a business broker franchise with Transworld, our franchisees can escape the confinements of corporate expectations and finally work for themselves. In order to take that next step, franchisees won’t need any experience as a business consultant. Applicants don’t need to worry about racking up years of experience in business management either. With Transworld, we bring business owners on board seamlessly and show them the ropes faster than ever with our comprehensive franchise training programs.


Strong Support Networks

Although our training is the first area that our Transworld franchise development team exhibits support, it certainly isn’t the last. We want to make sure that our franchisees aren’t just equipped to handle the basics.  We want them to feel comfortable long term as well. Our team is ready to extend our ongoing support to all franchisees from their grand opening of their business to their last day of operation. Franchisees are given access to up-to-date software that provides insight into moving industry trends. Transworld franchisees have the opportunity to pick the minds of our well-versed industry experts that can answer any and all of their questions or concerns. While we are here to assist in building their business, ultimately a Transworld location is our franchisees’ investment to grow. 


Demand for Services

Before stepping into any sort of franchise venture, investors should make sure that their service meets a consistent and growing need. The services a business broker franchise provides are incredibly valuable for business buyers and sellers alike — the education process during a business transaction is undoubtedly crucial. Our team of franchise consultants provides insight into business and franchise sales, along with mergers and acquisitions. There are so many entrepreneurial-minded individuals in the corporate world looking to start their own business and invest in opportunities within the franchise industry. In fact, statistics have shown that from 2013-2018 there was consistent growth in the franchise space. Now in the United States, there are over 750,00 franchise establishments in operation. As buying power continues to transition to a younger generation and baby boomers look to sell their businesses, the importance of having a trusted team of franchise consultants will only grow. 


Would you like to know more about Transworld or the demand that exists for franchise consultants? Please feel free to contact us today!