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It’s no secret that franchising is becoming more popular than ever. As more and more successful businesses look for expansion, franchise consulting has become a valuable and in-demand service. If you’re looking to start your own business but have little experience in franchising, you might be wondering if you’re qualified to break into the industry. Transworld teaches our franchisees the ins and outs of franchising, and trains them in the art of franchise consulting so they can hit the ground running in their own businesses. Read on to learn more about what we have to offer eager investors! 

Why is Now a Great Time to Partner with Transworld?

Franchising has been becoming more popular for decades, and today it’s a major force in dozens of industries. Businesses love franchising because it allows them to expand their brand without taking on the risk that’s involved in opening a new location. Instead of doing all of the work themselves, they identify franchisees who will invest in opening new locations. In return, franchisors provide them with their business model, use of their brand name, and insider tricks to building the business.

Like the franchisors we serve, Transworld also seeks out qualified franchisees to expand our brand. We’re in the franchise consulting business, so our franchisees establish themselves as experts and provide valuable business services to their franchisor clients. Because franchising has become so popular, many of our franchisees are experiencing more demand than ever. 

What if I Don’t Know Much About Franchising or Business Advising?

Don’t let your lack of experience keep you from taking advantage of this exciting opportunity. Our franchisees come from all walks of life: some are recent college graduates looking to start their new careers, others are corporate professionals looking to go into business for themselves. Some have backgrounds in business, and others don’t. If you’re dedicated to working hard and making a strong start in the industry, we’ll share our decades of knowledge with you in our comprehensive initial and ongoing training programs. You’ll learn …

  • How franchising works
  • What franchises need in order to find franchisees
  • How to improve a franchise offering
  • The basics of developing a franchise disclosure document
  • … and much more

Why Should I Choose Transworld?

Transworld’s leadership is made up of experts in the franchising space, like Ray Titus: the founder of United Franchise Group and an industry giant. Not only does our team know the ins and outs of franchising, but they also have firsthand experience building and leading major franchise brands. When you become a Transworld franchisee, you don’t just get the benefit of their knowledge when it comes to learning about franchise consulting – they also help you to establish a strong business that starts off on the right track.

Want to learn more about franchise consulting with Transworld? Contact us today!