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When a business owner decides to sell their business, they oftentimes need the assistance of a business advisor to effectively and efficiently locate and vet potential buyers. Similarly, prospective buyers rely on a business advisor to facilitate the process of identifying and evaluating franchise opportunities that may prove viable. Transworld Business Advisors provide solutions for both parties, and it’s one of the main reasons we enjoy a loyal customer base and healthy revenue streams.


Buying a business is a huge decision for our clients, and it’s important that they have an experienced consultant to guide them through the process. Prospective franchisees looking to buy a business appreciate our level of experience, thoroughness, and dedication to their career goals.


The first step in our process is gathering detailed information about clients, to truly get a handle on their financial capabilities, skills, experiences, and personal life goals. This information helps us really gauge clients’ commitment to the process, and figure out the most appropriate franchise pairing for them.


We will make sure clients understand the process, and help them fully understand the nuances of the marketplace. We teach clients how to use online forms, conduct independent searches for franchises, and read Business Listing Information sheets to review our available opportunities.

Deal Structuring

One of the most important steps in the process, we show clients how to structure deals, and help them craft craft contingent offers and purchase and sale agreements.

Closing and Continued Support

Once a client has decided on a business they’d like to purchase, we assist them in making final preparations for lease assignments, utility transfers, financing, merchant service accounts, inventory counts, and other last-minute preparations. We also think it’s important to provide continued, post-closing support.


Our sellers expect us to help them secure the best possible price for their business, while operating in a swift, efficient manner. Their time is valuable, and better-spent continuing to run their company, rather than expending energy looking for potential buyers, and navigating the difficult landscape of selling a business. That’s where our business advisors come in.

Structuring the Sale

First, we’ll do a thorough evaluation of the company, and determine the best possible price range for selling. This number is based on research, the condition of the market, projected growth, sales potential and the sale of similar businesses within our clients’ industry.

Company Advertising

We understand the importance of discretion. Our aggressive marketing program is designed to ensure confidentiality, while also providing maximum exposure for our clients’ companies.

Negotiate the Best Price

Employing smart and aggressive negotiating techniques are perhaps one of the most tangible benefits we offer to our clients. Transworld trains all of its agents in the art of negotiating, through a highly specialized curriculum.

The Transition

Our clients depend on us to guide them through the sale of their business, and to make that transition as simple and easy as possible. We assist with managing administrative procedures, licenses, inventory counts and lease assignments, to make sure the process runs smoothly.

Given our wide range of services, and ability to be a resource for clients every step of the way, it’s no wonder we’ve built a healthy base of loyal clients. To take advantage of our lucrative model and become one of our business advisors, request more info here.

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