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Sometimes, you know that it’s time for something new in your career. But it’s not always clear what form that “something” should take.

By becoming part of Transworld, you can multiply your options. If you’re like many people, you might be drawn to franchise consulting—one of three business specialties that operate under the umbrella of Transworld Business Advisors. (The other two are business brokerage and franchise development services.)

Transworld is known throughout the industry for a corporate culture that prizes training and education, so you can be confident that you will embark on a new career path with the company’s full support. First, though, you might wish to take stock of the basic functions of a franchise consultant to assess whether this career path might be right for you.

franchise consulting

Franchise Consulting Requires a Deft Hand

Keep in mind that franchise consultants follow protocols established by the franchisor, according to the International Franchise Association. The particulars may vary, but the process is similar and requires that a franchise consultant employ good listening skills every step of the way:

  • Step 1, the initial conversation, during which your primary goal is to establish a friendly rapport with the potential franchise owner. You will outline your services—always important because this conversation sets expectations—while providing the prospect with the topics you expect to cover in your next conversation.
  • Step 2, a more in-depth conversation, during which you will probe the interests, motivations, needs, and expectations of a potential franchise owner. You will have to learn about the prospect’s strengths, weaknesses, lifestyle, and financial needs—topics that might not be easy to talk about but must be addressed to fulfill your role.
  • Step 3, a financial screening, during which you will determine the size of the investment the potential franchise owner can afford and the financing options that might be available.
  • Step 4, identifying potential franchises, perhaps the most time-consuming but also the most rewarding step in the life of a franchise consultant. Transworld, for example, represents nearly 200 franchising opportunities across all industries and investment ranges. Chances are, a potential franchise owner has identified franchises that hold particular appeal to him or her. But often, franchise consultants make other recommendations based on the insights they have gleaned up to this point.
  • Step 5, navigating due diligence, including the government-mandated franchise disclosure document. It is a goldmine of information and must be parsed carefully for details before the final contract is signed.

Explore a New World with Transworld

A franchise consultant serves as a counselor and adviser—and also as an advocate. Similarly, Transworld can become your advocate as you embark on this challenging and rewarding career. In addition to franchise consulting services, Transworld offers the following:

  • Business brokerage services—Transworld business brokers help solve a challenge many business owners face: how to sell their business while running a day-to-day operation.
  • Franchise development services—Business owners learn how to work with Transworld’s established networks of partners to help replicate their winning concepts.

If you feel that it’s time for something new in your career, Transworld could provide the opportunity you’ve been seeking. Call Transworld Business Advisors today to find out if becoming a franchisee is the right choice for you, and begin exploring a world of opportunity today.

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