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Transworld’s business brokers franchise opportunity allows you to do more than buy and sell businesses; it also enables you to provide franchise consulting and development services. As all of these services are in high demand, now is an excellent time to invest in a B2B business of your own. Here, learn more about the growing industries we serve. 

Franchise Consulting and Development

Franchising is nearly a $500 billion industry, and it’s expected to continue growing. With close to 9 million people employed by franchises, it’s one of the leading global economic drivers. It makes sense that franchising is increasing steadily: it offers franchisors a way to grow their businesses without investing as much time and capital as corporate expansion. It provides entrepreneurs a way to start their own businesses with less hassle and uncertainty than doing it on their own.

Transworld franchisees provide valuable franchise consulting services (to help franchisors in their area see better results) and franchise development services (to help business owners make the switch to franchising). These two valuable revenue streams also have the potential to lead to recurring income when clients return to you for help time and time again.

Don’t know much about franchising? Don’t worry – we do! As part of United Franchise Group, Transworld’s leadership team comprises some of the leading figures in the industry, with decades of experience opening hundreds of franchises. They’re ready to share their knowledge and streamlined processes with you when you choose our business brokers franchise opportunity.

Business Brokerage

Ours isn’t just a franchise consulting and development opportunity; it’s also a business brokers franchise opportunity. Transworld has a reputation for being a trusted leader in business brokerage with 500+ brokers worldwide and 10,000+ businesses sold. 

Thousands of businesses are bought and sold each year as owners shift their attention to other pursuits or simply want to retire. Transworld franchisees help facilitate these sales by connecting sellers with qualified buyers, mediating negotiations, and helping them strike deals. This assistance is invaluable: not only is it time-consuming for business owners to find prospective buyers on their own, they often don’t want people in the community to know that they’re selling. It’s hard for them to discreetly find their own buyers while at the same time protecting their own information and interests.

Transworld franchisees greatly simplify the process and take home a percentage of each sale for their efforts. As long as businesses are changing hands, their services will remain in high demand.Contact Transworld today to learn more about the increasing demand for our services and why now is a great time to choose our business brokers franchise opportunity.