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We probably don’t need to tell you that life in the corporate world can be a grind. Long hours at the office, away from your family. Time wasted in a bumper-to-bumper commute. And no matter how hard you work, it seems like you’ll never be in the position you deserve – a position where you have control over your own schedule and can see a direct correlation between the money you earn and the effort you put into your job.

For many motivated self-starters, the natural career progression is into the role of business owner. But starting a business from the ground-up comes with huge risks. Luckily, there’s a way to work for yourself without the stress that comes with starting from scratch.

As a Transworld consultant, you’ll be able to put use your brilliant people skills and business savvy to good use as you help other entrepreneurs navigate the franchise world. Keep reading to learn more about why there’s no time like the present to strike out on your own in the growing, lucrative world of franchise development.


Put Yourself in the Driver’s Seat of Your Career

Even if you’ve spent more than half your life working for someone else, it should be a relief to know you have options when it comes to your financial future. And while working for yourself is a major transition, it might not be as difficult as you think. When you become a consultant with Transworld Business Advisors you will have the support of a strong network with decades of experience in franchise development, as well as backing by the United Franchise Group.

Once you receive your initial training and one-on-one mentoring from one of our expert corporate representatives, you will have the tools you need to set up your own business. That means the opportunity to create your own hours and work however and wherever you feel most productive. While it’s important to maintain a high level of professionalism in your dealings with clients, a physical office space isn’t required for your work as a franchise consultant with Transworld. Finally you can achieve the professional independence you’ve always dreamed of having.

Make Money, On Your Own Time

Not only is it possible to earn as much as you would from your salaried job, Transworld’s unique business model gives you access to three revenue streams: franchise consulting, business brokerage, and franchise development. Every time you help match business buyers and sellers or develop a new franchise concept, you’ll be making a profit. In fact, Transworld franchisees are paid $20,000 for each successful franchise development.

The franchise industry itself is booming. More and more people are looking to find new sources of income to supplement their retirement funds, find work after serving in the military, or make a career change themselves. As a Transworld franchise consultant you’ll have access to this huge – and growing – market.

Don’t forget: This type of work can be done virtually anywhere, on your own time. Virtually zero overhead and a relatively low franchise fee makes Transworld a turnkey investment with impressive earnings potential.

Your Success is Up To You

Chances are, you’ve already got what it takes to excel as a franchise consultant. If you’re a natural communicator and celebrated closer, you’ll find your skills will translate perfectly into franchise development. In your current 9-to-5 job, however, you might feel your skills are being undervalued. Driving your own business is an amazing way to see your hard work and talents pay off.

If you’re ready to make a change and find more flexible, fulfilling work, consider a career as a franchise consultant. Take the first step and download a free copy of our franchise brochure today.