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Did you know that there are just under one million franchise names operating throughout the United States? These companies employ millions of people and contribute billions of dollars to the economy. Thus, it should come as no surprise that for every person who owns a franchise, there are more than a dozen others looking to get in on the action. This is where Transworld Business Advisors and our franchise brokerage team can help—and where you can join our winning team.

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Why the Franchise Model Is Attractive

Franchise businesses are attractive because they are proven systems that have had their operations simplified so that even entrepreneurs without industry-specific knowledge or experience can own and operate them. A good franchise can produce a positive cash flow quickly for high returns thanks to factors like:

  • Back-end support and infrastructure
  • Training materials and courses for franchisee employees
  • Cooperative advertising and marketing efforts with an established brand
  • Research and development done by the franchisor for the benefit of all franchisees
  • And more!

Most of those looking at the franchise system as a long-term plan will seek out a franchise brokerage professional to help them choose the best franchise systems they can use to grow their wealth. Which is where we (and you) come in.

Why Franchise Buyers and Sellers Want Franchise Brokerage

As a franchise brokerage professional, you’ll be poised to help buyers and sellers with franchise business transactions and traditional business transactions. That’s because with a Transworld partnership, you’ll be able to view and understand the business concepts involved from all perspectives.

Why would a buyer or seller call a franchise brokerage professional? Business brokers are often called intermediaries, which is helpful for understanding what they do. As a broker, you and your team operate as an intermediary between the seller and potential buyer(s) of a business.

Your job will begin by marketing the business to prospective entrepreneurs, providing professional valuations, and helping the best prospects reach the best terms with the business owner. In return for your assistance throughout the buying process, your franchise brokerage team can expect to earn 10 percent or more of the sale price of the business.

Get In On the Exciting World of Business Buying and Selling Today

To learn more about how you can start your own franchise brokerage team and take an exciting new leap in your business dreams, contact us today at Transworld. Transworld Business Advisors is a world leader in the commercial brokerage business and is best situated to help you become number one in your area.

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