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At Transworld Business Advisors, we know how important business advisors are to the small business community. We provide crucial guidance, solutions, and advice to clients who are looking to grow, buy, or sell their businesses: one of the most important transactions of a person’s life. 

Transworld Business Advisors has sold over 10,000 businesses, with 500-plus brokers and 200-plus offices worldwide. When you join the largest business brokerage franchise, you’ll quickly discover how our unique business model sets us apart: we’re more than just business advisors; we offer a multi-pronged approach for our franchisees’ growth and success. 

We make it possible for our franchisees to leverage multiple revenue streams for higher income. Transworld Business Advisors handles business brokerage, franchise consulting, franchise development, and mergers and acquisitions. All rolled into one! Our time-tested business model provides our franchisees with many opportunities to help their clients achieve their growth goals.


How Did We Get Our Start?

As a top franchise consulting firm, Transworld Business Advisors has soared to new heights as the largest business brokerage franchise. By combining four successful industries and profit centers into one business model, we’ve grown to be a leading business brokerage franchise recognized on Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 listing year after year

For over 40 years, Transworld Business Advisors has specialized in the sales of businesses, mergers and acquisitions, franchises, and commercial real estate. We’ve expanded to a global network of brokers and have helped thousands of entrepreneurs achieve their dream of business ownership.

Originally founded by Don and Bonnie Parrish in 1979, Transworld Business Advisors has grown significantly since its inception. Our current CEO and owner, Andy Cagnetta, came to Transworld initially as a buyer and wound up working for Don. After a few years, Andy bought Transworld and helped grow the brand to the largest business brokerage firm in Florida.

In 2010, Andy Cagnetta teamed up with United Franchise Group’s (UFG) CEO, Ray Titus, to form a partnership and offer Transworld Business Advisors as a franchise development firm investment opportunity. UFG was a natural fit for Transworld Business Advisors, as they are home to 8 franchise concepts and as well as a variety of other brands including franchise services.

Transworld Business Advisors aims to invest in and provide support for the communities in which we operate. We believe that by becoming a key partner in our local communities, we build sustainable community relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

We share our expertise and resources to support non-profit organizations, including chairing boards, heading up committees, volunteering time, sponsoring events, and making monetary donations. We’re proud to be involved with such worthy causes as Andy’s Family Pasta Dinner, Junior Achievement USA, Lifenet 4 Families, Clergy Center – Security on Campus, and Dunklin Memorial Camp Board of Directors.

We also provide support through volunteering our time to community programs and industry and business groups that are supportive of business brokerage or the industries of our clients, including:

  • Association of Corporate Growth
  • Business Brokers of Florida
  • Business Network International
  • Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches
  • Commerce Club
  • International Franchise Association

Transworld Business Advisors has always centered around trying to help “good people do good deals.” We fully embrace our unofficial motto: “We are an active part of our community and will always work to do ‘What Is Right.’”


How Do We Help Clients in an In-Demand Industry?

Transworld Business Advisors offers a great opportunity to go into business for yourself in a billion-dollar industry and help business owners at every stage of their business lifecycle. The business brokerage industry is thriving, and you can be a part of an in-demand industry!

The business brokers market in the U.S. is valued at $1.3B for 2022, and is expected to increase a further 3.4% over the course of the year. We’re helping meet a growing and constant need to buy, sell, and franchise businesses. Thanks to our partnership with United Franchise Group (UFG), we work with more than 300 franchise companies, giving Transworld brokers a uniquely advantageous position to connect both buyers and sellers in a business transaction. 

As more entrepreneurs express interest in franchising and baby boomers are looking to retire and sell their businesses, Transworld Business Advisors helps clients connect and capitalize on a vast array of opportunities. Franchise industry statistics currently report the market as being valued at $670B – the booming industry is rife with opportunity.

Our mission is four-fold: Transworld Business Advisors provide our clients with services in business brokerage, franchise consulting, franchise development, and mergers and acquisitions. In the franchise consulting sector, you’ll match your clients to the franchise opportunity that best meets their criteria, background, and investment level.

With franchise development, you’ll work with our established network of partners to help business owners duplicate their business model and brand concept into a franchising model. Our business brokerage subdivision assists clients with selling their business, freeing them up to focus on  running day-to-day operations by making the process as seamless as possible. 

And finally, with our expert mergers and acquisitions team, you’ll ensure smooth and successful merger and acquisition transactions, no matter your client’s growth goals.


What’s Included in Our Efficient and Proven Turnkey Investment?

It’s a great time to join Transworld Business Advisors! Investing in a franchise with Transworld Business Advisors allows you to capitalize on the franchising boom with an easy-to-follow business model and comprehensive systems. We make it easy for franchisees to hit the ground running with a low-cost investment, no experience necessary, and high-profit potential.

There are many benefits to the franchising business model versus starting an independent business. For starters, franchising has a lower total investment cost than going it alone. Transworld Business Advisors is one of the most affordable franchise opportunities and requires no inventory or equipment. You can choose to run the business by yourself, virtually eliminating the costs associated with staffing and payroll.

An investment with Transworld Business Advisors provides you with a time-tested business model and established brand backing. As part of United Franchise Group (UFG), we’re part of a group of award-winning industry leaders who have the experience and expertise of knowing how to invest in a franchise. You’ll have a roadmap to run your business with systems and processes that have been proven to work along with a strong support network.

Our comprehensive training and ongoing support provides you with all of the tools you need to succeed. Transworld Business Advisors has your back from start to finish and beyond. 

  • Initial onboarding for new franchisees includes two weeks of classroom instruction at UFG’s headquarters. During this extensive training, you’ll learn about business brokerage, franchise consulting, franchise development, and mergers and acquisitions, as well as how to run, manage, and grow a successful business.
  • Start-up assistance begins once you complete initial training and meet the requirements for real estate licensing. We’ll send a corporate representative to your area for a week to show you the ropes while gaining hands-on experience.
  • Ongoing support keeps our franchisees on the right track. This support includes our national, results-driven marketing campaign and continuous support in the form of training, research, and development. We work hard to ensure our franchisees stay up to date on pertinent industry changes, and our industry experts are always available to provide assistance should you need it.

Best of all, you can do all of this without business brokerage experience, and you’ll enjoy the flexibility to work whenever and wherever you want. What more could you ask for?


What Are The Advantages of Over 40 Years in Business Consulting?

Transworld Business Advisors has specialized in the sale of businesses and commercial real estate for over 40 years. Our industry experience and expertise are part of what makes us the largest business brokerage franchise and allows us to provide top-notch business brokerage franchise services.

We stand out from the competition in many ways. Transworld Business Advisors business broker franchise owners benefit greatly from United Franchise Group (UFG) resources, a unique business model with multiple revenue streams, and proprietary software that puts us ahead of the competition.

UFG knows what it takes to start and run a successful business. Their 35-plus years of franchise experience bolsters our 40 years of business development experience: there’s no other opportunity that imparts more industry knowledge, which not only gives our franchisees an instant leg up but also valuable peace of mind. 

UFG is recognized as an industry leader for a reason: they’re professionals at developing turnkey business models that can be implemented anywhere. UFG maintains a strong reputation as a trustworthy and knowledgeable source that has allowed us to refine our business model, create and develop useful resources for franchisees, and polish our processes to make them as efficient as possible.

Transworld Business Advisors franchisees benefit greatly from our unique business model. We’ve combined four successful industries, aka profit centers, into one business model; where other franchises offer only one profit center, you get all four with us! By combining business brokerage, franchise consulting, franchise development, and mergers and acquisitions, franchisees are able to see high-profit potential through these four multiple revenue streams. 

Part of the reason why Transworld Business Advisors franchisees are so successful is thanks to our proprietary software. This software allows you to confidentially list businesses that are for sale and utilize other listings from the network to help buyers find the ideal company to purchase. We understand the importance of a confidential and discreet system to ensure a smooth transaction and transition of ownership.

Another unique feature of Transworld Business Advisors is our podcast, The Deal Board. Started and run by Andy Cagnetta, CEO, and Jessica Fialkovich, President of Transworld Business Advisors Rocky Mountain, this weekly program offers entrepreneurs lessons and tips from other entrepreneurs. Our goal is to provide our podcast listeners with an understanding of the process of buying and selling a business through conversations with successful entrepreneurs. Guests share their experiences, lessons learned, tips, insider knowledge, and more to make your journey as an entrepreneur easier and more enriching.


Who Are Business Brokers Clients?

As a business brokerage franchise, Transworld Business Advisors’ client base includes entrepreneurs and business owners looking to buy, sell, or expand. In recent years, there has simultaneously been a franchising boom, a mass resignation of baby boomers, and a pandemic that caused people to reconsider their employment, all conducive to the buying and selling of businesses at record numbers. 

Our clients can be businesses of all sizes. Some of the industries our business brokers have worked with include agricultural, automotive, construction, home care and services, hotels, recording studios, and many, many more. From the local pizza shop that wants to incorporate another business to the real estate professional who wants to retire and is looking to profit from the name he built, Transworld Business Advisors can help these business owners with our expertise and services. 

Transworld Business Advisors features brokers in 45 states and is one of the larger franchise consulting companies in the U.S. It’s estimated that there is one business brokerage firm for every 1,850 businesses in the U.S., suggesting the demand for business brokers is there, and Transworld Business Advisors is your ticket to starting a franchise development company in an in-demand industry.


What Are Our Target Markets for Franchise Expansion?

Transworld Business Advisors is available worldwide*, and one of the great advantages of our business broker franchise opportunity is that when you invest with us, your area becomes your territory. We also have Area Developer positions available. 

Our target markets in the U.S. include Arizona, California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Montana, Oregon, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Washington, and Wyoming.

Additionally, we have turnkey business opportunities available in Canada. Our industry has shown steady growth in Canada for years, and we’re looking for new Canadian investors to bring our time-tested system to the country.

Internationally, we have franchise investment opportunities for Master License Partners. These Partners understand the local market, business dynamics, and tendencies of the local population. We provide extensive demographic research to determine if your country can support our franchise, then we begin planning your flagship location and add on expansion plans from there. 

*With the exception of previously sold out territories.