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Mitchel and Stephanie Cox are providing business brokerage services with Transworld Business Advisors of Milwaukee, located at 500 West Silver Spring Drive, Suite 208. With the company Entrepreneur Magazine named in 2015 as one of the fastest-growing in North America and as one of America’s top global businesses, Mitchel and Stephanie help match motivated buyers and sellers, backed by decades of executive business experience in Fortune 500 companies.

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With over 25 years of experience as a senior executive leading business units in four Fortune 500 companies, including roles as a vice president of sales and marketing and as a CFO, Mitchel Cox is a licensed CPA. Stephanie Cox, whose background includes serving as a senior business analyst for PepsiCo and most recently as a financial consultant, brings her own business acumen to the table. Together, the husband and wife searched for a business opportunity that would allow them to leverage their experience as owners of their own company. Their search brought them to Transworld Business Advisors.

“We looked at multiple businesses and after dealing with business brokers of our own, we became more interested in the transaction side of the job and helping entrepreneurs succeed,” said Mitchel Cox. “With our combined decades of experience, Stephanie and I were confident that we could serve Milwaukee entrepreneurs with distinction. Backed by Transworld’s reputation, we knew we could hit the ground running.”

Taking advantage of Transworld’s online marketplace, Mitchel and Stephanie ease the process of selling businesses, buying businesses, franchising, mergers and acquisitions. This, said Mitchel Cox, provides the couple with a tremendous amount of satisfaction.

“Waking up every day with the knowledge that we’re helping members in our community live out their dreams is incredibly rewarding,” Mitchel Cox said. “Selling or acquiring a new business can be frustrating if done alone, but with Transworld we take the pain out of the process. With Transworld, clients can be confident that they’ll receive professional attention, backed by decades of experience.”

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