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Curious about how to start a business brokerage? Now is a great time to do so – businesses are bought and sold every day, and trustworthy brokers are needed to facilitate those sales. Starting a business brokerage from the ground up isn’t always easy, especially if you don’t have prior industry experience. Starting a Transworld franchise, on the other hand, is a much easier proposal. Backed by United Franchise Group (UFG), we’ve opened hundreds of locations and helped franchisees learn our business. Learn more about the many ways UFG strengthens our brand. 

Who is UFG?

UFG was founded by father and son Roy and Ray Titus, who found franchising success via their family business, Signarama, in 1986. After Signarama had begun franchising and seeing great results, they began investing in other brands as well. Today, UFG runs 10 thriving franchise brands, with more on the way. Altogether, they’ve opened 1,600+ locations in more than 80 countries, with more in development. 

With so many franchises to their name, UFG understands better than anyone what it takes to help a franchisee start a successful business. They’ve invested countless resources into developing “turnkey” models that are simple to implement in new territories. They understand that when franchisees succeed, they succeed as well, so they’re vested in your business.

The Titus family still runs UFG to this day, and their personal experience as franchisees means that they’ve walked in your shoes. Investing in a UFG brand like Transworld propels you into a robust and supportive environment!

How Transworld Franchise Helps New Franchisees

As a new franchisee, you’ll enjoy two weeks of initial training. This training covers everything from the logistics of how to run your business to how to effectively broker businesses. Many business brokers have financial degrees, but we’ve distilled the knowledge down into initial training and professional development that makes it simple for newcomers to master. 

We’ve also created comprehensive operational systems that allow franchisees to run their business smoothly and hassle-free. Finding new clients, managing confidential data, setting appointments – we work hard to simplify your routine. 

We also help our franchisees to offer services in addition to business brokerage. Many Transworld investors also work in franchise consulting and development! We’re always finding new ways to keep Transworld franchisees in high demand among the businesses in their territories. 

Franchisees can also look forward to being supported in their efforts to market their business successfully. Ours is a niche business that doesn’t face much competition, but it’s crucial prospective clients in your area are aware of your presence. We’ll help spread the word about your business among the right people.

These are just a few of the perks of partnering with a UFG brand. To learn more about how to start a business brokerage, contact Transworld today!