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Curious about how to become a franchise consultant? When you partner with Transworld, it doesn’t involve a costly finance degree. Many people who work in our field chose to earn finance degrees, which is a worthy pursuit that can provide lots of useful scaffolding. With that said, Transworld operates in a highly-contextualized field, offering several specific lines of service. We’ve found that our franchise training is more than adequate to prepare our franchisees to provide these services. Here, learn more about how Transworld creates franchise consultants without the time and expense of a finance degree. 

Comprehensive Franchise Training

Perhaps the most significant part of the journey to becoming a franchise consultant is the training Transworld provides. We utilize a combination of in-person and online programs to teach you the basics of how to buy, sell, and grow businesses. At the end of your training, you should have the expertise to offer the following Transworld services:

  • Franchise consulting
  • Franchise development
  • Business brokerage
  • Mergers and acquisitions

Transworld has found that these four lines of service will allow our franchisees to become valuable pillars of their local business community and a go-to resource for businesses that are ready to change hands or start on the franchising path. 

A Highly-Experienced Team Behind You

Transworld has been in business since 1979, and in that time, we’ve learned a lot about how to grow a successful consulting business. Our team comprises experts in the Transworld model, as well as experts in franchising. One of the reasons that you can become a franchise consultant without a finance degree is that you can count on our team to stand behind you. When questions or concerns arise, our franchisees work closely with our experts to find solutions. We understand that your success is our success, so we’re serious about helping in every way we can. 

Follow the Process

Transworld has opened many franchises over the years, and we’ve created a streamlined process to simplify things. Independent franchise consultants and business brokers don’t have much to go on when they establish their own businesses, considerably increasing the likelihood of unexpected costs or problems along the way. 

Transworld franchisees, on the other hand, simply need to follow the process we’ve already laid out. We’ll guide you from one step to the next so that your business opens seamlessly, and you’re prepared to get to work with confidence. 

Of course, the process isn’t the only great resource you’ll enjoy as you get started. Our team will help you identify prospective clients in your area and market your new business by getting their attention to help spread the word about your services.

Contact Transworld today to learn more about how to become a franchise consultant without a finance degree.