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If you’re wondering how to become a franchise consultant, you’re in the right place. Franchise consulting is a growing industry. Worth around $95 million, it’s been growing for years as franchising continues to be a popular method for businesses to expand. Business owners love the idea of franchising, as it allows them to grow without needing to invest in each new location personally.

Franchise consultants play a valuable role, helping franchisors get on the right track, connect with investors, and grow their brand. If you’re looking for a new career, Transworld can help you break into this exciting space. Here, learn how to become a franchise consultant in our system.

Our Training Program

You couldn’t ask for better experts to train you in how to become a franchise consultant. Transworld is a part of United Franchise Group, an industry-leading franchising group that’s built up numerous successful franchise brands. Our experts know how to provide expert franchise consulting because we’ve walked in our clients’ shoes. 

As a Transworld franchisee, you’ll take part in a comprehensive two-week training program where you’ll learn insider tips and tricks to building a strong franchise. Because most of our franchisees haven’t worked in the industry before, we start at the beginning, helping you learn the basics and build a strong foundation.

Via online and in-person curriculum, you’ll learn things like:

  • How to tell when a business is ready for franchising
  • What a business needs to have in place to begin franchising (e.g., franchisee support systems, Franchise Disclosure Document)
  • How to set growth goals and take steps towards achieving them

Your training doesn’t end after just two weeks – you can count on us to keep you updated on best practices via periodic ongoing training and professional development.

Of course, as a Transworld franchisee, you’ll have continual access to valuable resources and franchising experts to support you as you work with clients. 

A Well-Established Model

As you research how to become a franchise consultant, keep in mind that one of the best parts of choosing Transworld is our well-established model. You won’t ever need to go it alone – we have processes in place for working with clients that ensure they get the best possible results. When you follow our proven system, much of the guesswork has been eliminated. Not only is this good for clients, but it keeps your operations running smoothly as well. 

The great thing about our model is that it’s designed for more than franchise consulting. We also offer franchise development and business brokerage services. With three unique revenue streams built in, you’ll be able to help a wide range of clients right in your community. 

Contact Transworld today to learn more about how to become a franchise consultant within our proven system.