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Franchising is big business, and the franchise brokerage industry holds the keys to the kingdom. There are plenty of compelling reasons to become a franchise broker, but for many interested potential franchisees, the matter comes down to one pragmatic question: What does the process look like?

The Timeline

The first step is the initial block of training, which takes place at the headquarters for United Franchise Group in West Palm Beach, Florida. For one week, new franchisees learn the ins and outs of franchise consulting and development, and the principles of business brokerage. The course is rigorous, designed to bring new business owners up to speed quickly, and carefully crafted to deliver maximum impact in a short time period. The course covers:

  • Transactional real estate principles, including brokerage, closing, and financing.
  • Sales tactics that result in high rates of customer satisfaction.
  • Opening negotiations with and advising new business owners.

At the close of the course, a smart next step is to obtain a real estate license. Some states will require licensure, but regardless of the legal environment in your state, the real estate exam prep and passage will help you to better understand the process and will add an important professional credential to your business profile. Real estate laws vary significantly depending on the territory, so securing licensure will ensure that you are an expert within yours.

After the training and real estate licensure, new Transworld Business Advisors franchise consultants will meet personally at the new business location with a Transworld representative whose job is to mentor new business owners. This mentor will help to build relationships with buyers and sellers, obtain listings, and increase confidence.

After the Startup

When first-stage training is complete, new Transworld Business Advisors are given access to full-time support and training through a network of industry experts. In addition, a software package designed to keep franchisees up to date on industry news and current local listings is a valuable and included resource.


Transworld Business Advisors franchises offer some very attractive features, not the least of which is cost. The initial franchise fee is $49,500, which secures a territory and covers training and materials. Discounts are available for qualifying veterans.

Compared to many other franchises, the estimated total cost of owning a Transworld Business Advisors franchise is very low, at $62,500. With no need for brick-and-mortar office space, virtual offices offer significant savings over goods-based businesses. Additionally, the royalty fee schedule offers a generous and lengthy on-ramp, allowing a new franchise consultant to become established.

To learn more about the ins and outs of opening a Transworld Business Advisors franchise, download our guide. See for yourself how the cost stacks up against the competition, and evaluate the streamlined franchise training model. In thirty days, you could become a franchise consultant. Get in touch to learn more.

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